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Benefits for your employees on a single platform


More than 2,500 companies trust in Betterfly:


Betterfly offer different kinds of benefits for your team

Betterfly is the platform that HR leaders need
Manage the benefits you offer to your employees


100% flexible

It allows you to make a one-time purchase to your employee's wallet or take monthly benefit plans to incentivize habits


Monitor in real time

Analyze the use of benefits and recognize your team's habits


Choose what you need

Modular platform that allows each HR leader to select the benefits for employees


Your company leaves its mark

Every action you take in the app is transformed into donations to causes

NGOs and social causes that we support

Water is life

Water is life 

It offers programs that ensure communities have access to safe drinking water. Your team's donations will provide special filters that transform available water into drinking water.

One tree planted

One tree planet

Your employees' bettercoins will be converted into tree planting, which will help restore forests and create habitat for biodiversity around the world. 

Leche para Haití

Leche para haití 

Thanks to good habits, teams will contribute to overcoming malnutrition of children from 0 to 5 years of age in extreme poverty in Haiti.

Our customers 

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Constructora Avellaneda & Betterfly

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Sandra Rivas, Kaufmann & Betterfly

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Betterfly y su impacto social en el mundo

“The average quality of life at Kaufmann is doing very well. On a scale of 1 to 10, our average quality of life is 7.3. What Betterfly generates for me is teamwork, interaction, and community. We have noticed a strengthening of our culture because our employees find the application attractive and feel that it gives them added value.”

“Our employees are the heart of our company, which is why we develop and encourage them, valuing their potential, diversity, and capabilities. We are confident that this new benefit will both protect them and encourage them to adopt healthy practices and, most importantly, allow us to contribute in line with our commitment to creating shared value".

“Our main goal in the company is to make sure that all our employees have incredibly happy lives and that this translates into good service to our customers. Betterfly is helping us to make a big change in culture, commitment, but most of all, in well-being and financial protection.”