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McKersin Previlus

McKersin Previlus

Malden, MA

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Services: Break Dancing, Hip Hop Dancing

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Gliding across the floor since the age of four, McKersin learned his first choreography from Michael Jackson - well at least Jackson’s videos. One year later, he had to trade in moonwalks and pelvic thrusts for more traditional movement when he relocated to Haiti and began to study folkloric dance. After a few years of exploring cultural dances, McKersin returned to the United states and found a middle ground in hip-hop. In high school, he danced alongside school mates who were part of Phunk Phenomenon and went on to study various styles: popping, breaking, house, whacking, etc. In 2009, McKersin began to teach, perform, and choreograph for local R&B artists and colleges. He is currently Assistant Director of Bunker Hill’s Performing Arts program, working toward a major in Biology and Music, and developing his classical dance skills with Anna Myer while maintaining a prominent status as a dancer in her company, AnnaMyer and Dancers.

Break Dancing

Hip Hop Dancing

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