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Namsaran Kaur

Namsaran Kaur

Los Angeles, CA

" Advanced Reiki Practitioner & Yoga/Meditation"

Services: Meditation, Reiki / Energy Work

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Hello! I am a certified advanced Reiki practitioner and a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

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  • Bernadett P. August 30, 2012

    "I just had my first Reiki session on last Friday with Namsaran Kaur. It was great. I was feeling very tired, out of balance before the session and now my energy level is back in normal. I feel lighter and lot more in balance. The session went great, I instantly felt the energy flowing when I sat down across from Namsaran Kaur. She helped me with some breathing techniques to relax. Then I laid down on the massage table and relaxed. She touched certain spots on my body from head to toe and I could feel the energy moving and flowing inside me. I felt tingling in my arms as the bad energy was leaving my body (i guess :)). It was very calming, relaxing. After the session, I still felt the energy moving and settling inside and I was still in a state of relaxation for about 1/2 hour. I will definitely do it again and more often. "

  • Rachel G. August 27, 2012

    "It was long over due to say the least, but I finally went for a second Reiki session with Namsaran Kaur. The experience was different than the first. I still felt her energy coursing through my body but this time I felt a dull ache in various problem areas. Nothing scary or painful. Just enough to know her energy is filtering through me. Pushing the tention out of my shoulder, knees, and anckles, which lasted about 38 hours after treatment. Neddless to say, I felt wonderful and slept like a newborn baby that night. Thank you Namsaran Kaur. Love and light!"

  • Mario R. January 12, 2012

    "Harmony. Balance. Calm. This is what I felt after one reiki session with Namsaran Kaur. I had been diagnosed with RA just a few months earlier. She didn’t know. I had migrating joint pain starting from my shoulders, then hips, knees, ankles, then finally my wrists. Medication was not an option, and still isn’t. That day I was doing ok. But the pain was persistent and I was agitated because of it. This was just after her 1st level certification. It’s been some time since then. I think 3 years. But I remember it clearly, only because I was skeptical. Not anymore. Now, I study Ayurvedic medicine with plans of having my own practice. What a turnaround. It’s been said before, but I felt brand new. I felt airy and light. I felt relieved because I knew then, like I know now, that I wouldn’t be needing meds with regular sessions and meditation.

    I’ve been taking regular reiki sessions with another practitioner. But it’s not the same. There’s a level of care with Namasaran that I’ve not found with any other healer. There is an energy that is within her, the power to move and heal, the knowledge to make one realize that there is an alternative to medication that’s thousands of years old, and the selflessness to directly lend her energy to cleanse and heal, which directly influences one’s physiology, immunity, outlook, and general health that she is in tune with.

    It’s because she does care about people. People like me who she’s been acquainted with a few years, and for those who would be referred to her practice whom she’s never met. Because, ultimately that’s what healing is about. It’s about one’s caring nature for others. It’s about being fearless and having compassion. It’s about understanding your own healing abilities and taking flight with it. But then again, she’s a bit more spiritually advanced and connected to source than most. It is the culmination of years of her personal experiences, the ups and downs that has given her the strength to help others. It gives credence to her work and the always positive outcomes of her sessions.


  • Rachel G. January 11, 2012

    "My experience was...wonderful! I was stressed out and tense so I was entirely open to accept the healing. I found that once Namsaran began the healing process...I literally felt the heat covetting my skin. I let my mind relax and thought of nothing but beautiful scenery. I fell deeper and deeper into a relaxed state of mind. Before I knew it, my muscles were gently twitching and rippling in various places. Its very hard to describe because it felt as if someone tossed a stone onto a pond...gently rippling the water. I felt like a paperweight; the lower half of my body pressed heavily toward gravity and the upper part of my body was as light like a feather. I've never experienced such a contrast. I was so relaxed I did not want to move. All I know is that I had a smile on my face the entire time. Needless to say, I need to schedule regular treatments and I would suggest you do the same. At least a couple of times if you are a skeptic. My suggestion - keep an open mind and just relax. Joy be with you!"