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Benjamin Hill Bey

Benjamin Hill Bey

Wells Bridge, NY

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Services: Tai Chi Chuan

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Sifu B.C. Hill Bey began his Martial art training at the age of 5 with Shotokan Karate. At 9 years old Sifu Bey began learning Monkey style kung fu.
Sifu Bey learned Northern Mantis with Tony Chu and he also learned Eagle Claw with Leung Shum . From Leung Shum, Sifu Bey became very skilled in Chin Na. Sifu Bey's schedule at 18 years old was very rigorous. He learn Ba-Gua with Kenny Gong 5 days a week and Eagle Claw on the weekends.

At 20 years of age, Sifu Bey decided to dedicate his life to the study of Ba Gua Zhang. Sifu Bey spent 17 years with Kenny Gong . He also studied with Lou de Xu (Eric Lou) of the Gou Style of Ba Gua Zhang and Lin Chao Zhen of the Fu Style Ba Gua Zhang. Sifu Bey served as the NY Representative of Johnny Kwan Ming Lee - Fu style. In 1995 Sifu Bey also studied under Shi Pei Qi and Ha Jin Bao of the Yin Fu style of Ba Gua Zhang as taught by Men Bao Zhen.

Sifu Bey is also a San Shou
Referee and judge certified by Xia Ba Hua of Beijing . Jerry Allan Johnson has been a friend of his and mentor for 13yrs. From 1997 to 1999 Allen Pittman and Sifu Bey used to work out on the weekends together at the end of his class.
Ben Hill currently teaches in Syracuse NY and constantly visits NYC for seminars and tournaments. He is director of The Ba-Gua Zhang Boxing and Research Association International . He has tirelessly worked to Promote Ba-Gua as a true Martial Art and not a dance. He is also the host of the Annual All Ba-Gua Zhang Championship Tournament.
And this year(2010) he wrote his first book on the style he so loves.

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