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we will impact the lives of three hundred million people by 2023


Our effect on the world


Step 1:

Modular platform that allows each HR leader to select the benefits for employees.


Step 2:

Teams begin to take positive actions such as meditating, exercising, or receiving psychological counseling.


Step 3:

Their actions challenge them and allow them to earn Bettercoins that increase their insurance coverage, while converting into donations to causes.


Step 4:

Each donation impacts the lives of thousands of people who, thanks to these, can access food, education, health, and clean water.

Your team's good habits become donations for our partners



World Vision

World vision

It is a humanitarian NGO that protects childhood and the ideal development of children in situations of vulnerability and poverty, free from discrimination.

Water is Like imagen

Water is life

It offers programs that guarantee the communities' access to drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygiene programs..



By donating and planting trees, this NGO aims to restore forests and create a habitat for biodiversity around the world.


Leche para Haití

It is an NGO that contributes to overcoming malnutrition in Haitian children from 0 to 5 years living in extreme poverty.


teletón imagen


Institution for the comprehensive rehabilitation of children and young people with motor disabilities that helps them to develop their physical abilities and social integration.

Techo imagen


NGO of volunteers that through social intervention and community projects, combats the lack of decent housing in the most vulnerable communities of Chile.

Red de alimentos imagen

Red de alimentos

NGO that connects with companies and social organizations to rescue food and hygiene products suitable for consumption and distribution to those who need them most.

Núcleo humanitario imagen

Nucleo Humanitario

NGO that distributes and supplies quality food to 65 grassroots organizations, so that they can prepare food in their common pots.

Hogar de cristo imagen

Hogar de Cristo

This NGO is one of the strongest referents in the fight against poverty, in socio-cultural, educational and housing solidarity actions.

Fundación nuestros hijos Imagen

Fundación nuestros hijos

Foundation that supports children with cancer through research and scientific studies, so that they can receive the best treatment.

Fundación las rosas imagen

Fundación las rosas

This foundation provides senior citizens with medical, nutritional and special care for a more dignified old age.

Amulén imagen


NGO that develops and implements systems for safe and sustained access to drinking water to improve the quality of life in vulnerable communities.


Alimenta la solidaridad

NGO that provides daily lunches to children at risk or nutritional deficiency as a result of the complex humanitarian crisis in Venezuela..


América solidaria

This is a foundation that works so that all children and adolescents, without exception, can have a dignified and fair life.



Fundación leer

Foundation that supports the development of reading habits and literacy skills in children in Argentina..


Fundación Conin

This foundation aims to reduce the causes of child malnutrition and support families through assistance and education..



Perú Champs

NGO that identifies low-income schoolchildren with high academic, artistic or sports talent and provides them with scholarships to receive an excellent education.


Juguete pendiente

NGO that develops volunteer and social responsibility projects, programs and initiatives in the areas of health, food and education in vulnerable populations..



Sports foundation that intervenes in low-income neighborhoods and communities to insert them in safe public spaces for the development of children.



Gerando Falcoes

They provide education, economic development and citizenship services in the slum areas and implement programs for social transformation.


Hospital Pequeño Príncipe

It is one of the largest pediatric hospitals in Brazil and a national reference in the oncological treatment of children and adolescents..



It is a Citizen Action Committee against hunger, misery and for a dignified life in Brazil, through food safety projects and the fight against hunger.



Plan Internacional

Development and humanitarian aid NGO focused on children and adolescents learning through play and art about rights, values, leadership and resilience.


Litros de Luz

Foundation that brings solar technology for lighting public spaces and low-cost internet access to the most vulnerable communities.


Cambio Fundación

Foundation that serves children, adolescents and the elderly in vulnerable situations, with difficulty of educational, social and economic access.



Foundation that works towards the eradication of chronic malnutrition in children under 2 years of age in Ecuador.



Manos Pintadas de Azul

NGO that contributes to social development in Colombia through health programs that provide access to vulnerable communities.



Foundation for Nutritional Food Security that empowers families to generate the resources to ensure a minimum of 3 balanced meals a day.


Enseña por colombia

NGO that thanks to professionals from different areas who want to contribute to change as teachers, seeks to narrow the gap in children's education.