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Yuri Salnikov

Yuri Salnikov

Matawan , NJ

" Helping People To Help Themselves"

Services: Boot Camp, Healthy Eating / Nutrition, Kettlebell Training, Weight And Strength Training

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I got started on the path of training after suffering an injury from lifting improperly. Recovering from that injury I went through many struggles and since then I wanted to prevent people from going through the same thing. My goal when working with clients is to educate them about proper exercise and nutrition so that they stay injury free and get in the best shape of their life. Also offer lifestyle coaching to help the clients deal with other aspects of their life.

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  • Adam G. May 17, 2011

    "Yuri Salnikov has transformed me completely! From being an overweight, unhealthy individual into becoming an athleticly built football player. It was very difficult for me to build muscles because of my unhealthy diet and lazy habbits. Yuri trained me to eat well and has pushed me to building the muscles i've always wanted. By eating better and training, i have transformed my fat into pure muscle. It has made me much more active and has built a great amount of strength. My friends and family look at me with awe because they cant believe how quickly my physical appearance changed since i started training with Yuri. It has given me a great amount of energy and has made me much more confident. I highly recommend Yuri Salnikov!! He is enthusiastic and very easy to get along with! he provides a great deal of important nutritional and health information and motivated you to reach your ultimate goal! "

  • Nez G. May 17, 2011

    "I am very pleased with Yuri's services. They have changed my life completely! I am very confident with myself as an individual now. I always had difficulty losing weight, eating healthy and was beginning to become lazier than ever before- until i decided to do something about it! Now, I feel healthier, more energized, and more toned than ever before! He has guided me to a much healthier and happier lifestyle. He has made a positive difference in my lifestyle and has ensured that my ideals of physical fitness have been met! If you are sick of those diet routines that never work, its time you do what i did and improve your well being by taking action! Become that healthy happy individual you've always wanted to be! I recommend him to everyone! He truly is a miracle worker!"

  • Alison G. May 17, 2011

    "Using Yuri as a personal trainer has completely changed my life. I'm eating much healthier and am in the best shape I have ever been in. Yuri makes training a lot of fun while helping you to attain your goals along the way. He is always there to answer any questions you may have and help you in any way he can. Training with him has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. "