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Dr. Wanona Wellspring, DN

Dr. Wanona Wellspring, DN

Palatine, IL

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Services: Healthy Eating / Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Yoga

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Hi, I am Doc Wah, or Yoga Nona, or Dr. Wanona. I was born a healer, a medical intuitive, and began to channel Jesus and see and speak with spirits of guides for people from a very early age. I feel what is going on, more than my brain analizes your concerns. The message of Jesus is love. He himself was not a religious man, but a man full of compassion and his desire for you is that you find joy in all that you do. I am an energy worker. The Ascended Masters call my work ATOMIC TRANSFORMATION. I feel them working and guiding me when I am treating a patient, or listening to your stories. Perhaps I and we will have a different perspective about what you may be concerned with. I was ordained in 1991 during the Harmonic Convergence. I work with the spiritual realm, the physical reality, and the emotional aspects to help you Evolve Toward Health. Come for a visit, change your life.

Healthy Eating / Nutrition

Herbal Medicine


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