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Victoria Olender

Victoria Olender

Minneapolis, MN

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Services: Gyrotonic

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  • David M. July 25, 2011

    "I have been a Gyrokinesis student of Victoria's for 2 years and a Gyro tonic student for about 1 year. Having experienced a wide variety of athletic (sports-related, martial arts) movement & exercise, I was surprised at both the natural feel of the gyrokinesis movements ...and their difficulty. However, the day following each gyrokinesis session, I can always feel the postural improvement especiually when moving/walking, but also when sitting. Even more remarkable, is Victoria's ability to both observe and correct my movements so that I get greater benefit from each movement effort. It is as if she knows my body better than I do. She has an uncanny ability to create metaphors or images for sometimes complex-sounding spiral movements so that the intent of the exercise made clear and the performance of the intened movement is facilitated. Rarely, have I had an instructor who is so tuned in to body movement in a way that benefits my participation. She is a Teacher in the truest sense. Playful and humorous, too.

    With Gyrotonic, the prior assesment of her instructional skills applies here, too. The Gyrotonic tower is unlike any other exercise equipment I have been on. With some exercises, it may involve the use of and necessary awareness of several different anatomical groups simultaneously (e.g. wrists, elbows, shoulders, feet, thighs and breathing). Victoria is quite brilliant at using mental images that make this awareness possible. That in itself is worth the price of admission. My experie nce is that while occasional engagement in these exercise systems is beneficial, at least in the short term, that a longer term commitment to self improvement leads to much more profound results.

    Thank you Victoria. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking to recover lost or impaired movement; turn back the ageing clock or improve movement as it relates to athletic or artistic pursuits."

  • Greg K. February 2, 2011

    "Thanks to Victoria's expert gyrotonic workouts, my beautiful spouse's arms and legs look more beautiful than ever. Talk about Michelle-Obama-like tone, glow, and definition! I am the happy indirect beneficiary of Victoria's extraordinary talent and dedication to her clients' fitness and general well-being. Like all outstanding teachers, she encourages even as she pushes and is a true master of her subject. Victoria definitely puts the "tonic" in "gyro!"

    Happy (and grateful!) Husband."

  • Kate W. January 23, 2011

    "I have been Victoria's pilates student for three years. I began, as they say, nowhere--unfamiliar with pilates, out of shape, weak, and intimidated by the prospect of starting an excercise totally new to me. Three years later, having taken both private lessons and group class with her, I am in much better shape physically and intrigued by and convinced of the the value of pilates both physically and mentally. I attribute all this to Victoria and her willingness to stick with me as a client despite what I imagine to be the enormous challenge involved. But never once has she even remotely evidenced impatience, frustration, or lack of faith that I would improve. As a result, I have improved and feel much better in every way. Victoria, has all one would expect of every excellent pilates teacher--deep knowledge of the body, first rate teaching skills (even with a novice), excellent and continuous training, the desire to always be learning more about movement, and the creativity to come up with inventive cues that make seemingly incomprehensible exercises, understandable and doable. Victoria makes really difficult excercises fun. But she has much more. I'm continually impressed by her calm presence, her ability to "read" one's body and figure out exactly what you need and what will help you the most, her winning combination of witty humor and high expectations. As a teacher myslef, I have learned much about teaching from her: the importance of encouragement, her firm belief in her clients, her forbearance when that seems the best path, and the example she sets for her students by expecting the most of herself. Much of what I have learned from Victoria is the result of intangibles that are therefore difficult to describe. For example, I was skeptical at first about the concept of the mind/body connection. I now understand it. Not because Victoria explains it verbally to her students although she can articulate its meaning very clearly but because she demonstrates it at every lesson and one can learn so my by observing her. Victoria is really a teacher you have to experience because so much of what she has to offer the student of dance, pilates, gyrokenisis or whatever program you undertake with her depends on these difficult to describe intangibles. I have changed a great deal in many ways and am grateful to Victoria. I highly recommend working with and experiencing Victoria as a teacher and a professional and she will give YOU everything she has."

  • Kate W. January 16, 2011

    "I have been Victoria's grateful Pilates student for three years. To say that Victoria is an excellent teacher does not begin to convey the range of her skill, technical mastery, or the nuances of her approach to each client as an individual. Her intuition combined with her ability to "read" each client's body and specific needs make her group classes, feel like private lessons. I've experienced this and I can only imagine how difficult it must be to accomplish. As a teacher, you will find her willing to work with clients at every level of ability. I began, as they say, "nowhere" and have progressed to greater physical strength, a more toned body, more awarenesss of my body, and greater self-confidence both in and outside her classroom. Sometimes, I can't beleive this has happened but I attribute it to Victoria's innate patience, kindness,and genuine concern about each client along with her persistence and high expectations. Her wit and sense of humor make the hardest excersises exciting and fun. As a teacher myself, though not of Pilates or any related subject, I can say this is a winning combination I try to emulate. Beginning with skepticism about the mind/body connection, I came to understand and apreciate it over time--not so much because of Victoria's explanation or discussion of the idea (although she is expert at such explanations), but by watching and spending time with her. One really has to spend time studying with her to fully understand all she has to offer."

  • Sharon B. January 3, 2011

    "Victoria is an amazingly well trained and skilled dancer, gyrotonic and pilates instructor. She is extremely professional and acutely aware of her clients needs. She is able to adapt her lessons to work with each individual client. Victoria is by far the best instructor I have ever had and I would highly recommend her to anyone."