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Vance Cooley

Vance Cooley

Berwyn, IL

" Vance's Distinct Fitness Page"

Services: Endurance / Cardiovascular Training, Weight And Strength Training, Boot Camp

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I was a professional wrestler for 7 years, touring the midwest and even wrestling overseas. After leaving the wrestling business, I began to train in Mixed Martial Arts. I found my true love to be personal training, though. I love seeing my client's faces when they get on the scale and see how well they have improved. I use my experience in MMA and Pro Wrestling to give a unique view on training.

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  • Courtney P. September 11, 2012

    "Vance is amazing! My friend & I chose him as a trainer to get ready for the upcoming Super Spartan and a couple of 1/2 marathons. He is motivating, gives us amazing workouts & even better...awesome results! I am so excited to continue working him especially after my 4 week progress results...down 3lbs, lost 5 inches & am significantly stronger.

  • Meagan M. May 8, 2012

    "Vance has been my favorite trainer I have ever had. I was in a rough patch in my life, since I had an eating disorder and thought that being uber thin was sexy. When my parents signed me up with him, I was extremely surprised. He showed me the proper way to eat and work out. He made me realize that muscles are much sexier than just being thin. After I moved to go to school, he was still my inspiration. Right now I work out twice a day and have been heavily lifting for over a year now. I have never felt better and it is all due to Vance and his motivation. I highly recommend Vance for anyone, whether you are trying to lose weight, whether you want to gain muscle, or just to learn different work out routines, he will get you to your goal and with motivate you throughout your sessions and still cares for people who are not training with him anymore with his determination to keep helping everyone stay in shape, feel better about themselves, and tips on eating healthy. He's the best!!"

  • Julie D. February 24, 2012

    "I've been with Vance for over a year now. Can't believe I've stuck with this for that long. I usually get bored with my workouts and don't see the results I want so I stop. But with Vance it's different. He pushes me every chance he gets and I LOVE it!! His classes are always different and hard and fun which makes me come back for more. My entire body is stronger and I have muscles that I've never had before. I've also consulted Vance about my diet, which is something I still struggle with, and he's always given me great advice!! I absolutely love his classes and would recommend them to anyone who wants to look and feel better!!"

  • Laurie G. February 23, 2012

    "I trained with Vance for 2 weeks and lost 9 pounds!! He is a great trainer and will encourage you and want you to try harder. I liked it cause I said I can't and he said yes you can and I did!! I would leave my sessions always feeling better and more confident! So if you want to get in shape and get confidence you should have Vance train you!!

    Laurie Griggs"

  • Debbie V. May 2, 2011

    "i have been working iut with vance for about 3 weeks and can already see a diffrance in shape my hips are smaller.Debbie V azquez "

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