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Tracy Lynn Olivera

Tracy Lynn Olivera

Silver Spring, MD

" Vocal Coaching-All Styles, All Ages"

Services: Voice Teacher / Vocal Coach

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I am a classically trained singer who now specializes in "Contemporary Singing" techniques--i.e., Musical Theatre (mix/belt), pop, and rock, in particular. I am a professional, working singer/actress in the DC area, and have taught all styles, from Art Songs to Blues. I love all kinds of music, and I believe in healthy singing, whether it's for your next Broadway callback, or the next Karaoke night. Come find your unique voice!

Voice Teacher / Vocal Coach

audition prep musical theater
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  • Mike T. February 10, 2011

    "I've studied with a number of voice teacher's before and I could tell 5 minutes into my first lesson with Tracy that she was the best I'd ever worked with. Not only is she fun, easy going, and a breeze to work with, she has in depth knowledge of vocal anatomy and technique. She holds a wonderful balance between pushing you where you need to go and letting you direct the lessons where you want to go.

    She has already (in only a few lessons) helped me find more of the voice that I've been looking for. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

  • J.P. R. February 8, 2011

    "I went to Tracy to help me prepare for a battle of the bands. I am a singer songwriter, whose vocals skills needed some polishing. She identified areas that I could improve and taught me the skills I needed to do so. My performance in the competition was outstanding, and my vocals were the best they have ever been. I have been singing and playing music for over 25 years and in one month of regular lessons Tracy was able to elevate my vocal ability to a level it has never been to. She is an excellent teacher and a fun and wonderful person. "

  • Kaitlin H. January 31, 2011

    "Having Tracy as my voice teacher for 4+ years taught me exponential amounts about being a better performer, and a better person. Her extensive resume only contributed more to the extraordinary skills in the areas of voice, acting, audition prep, and musical theatre repetoire. Tracy possesses excellent communication skills, allowing her to affectively reach performers and non-performers alike. I would reccoment Tracy to anyone looking to expand their voice, cultivate their talent, or perfect their audition piece. "

  • John D. January 30, 2011

    "When dealing with voice instruction or coaching for auditions, especially musical theatre, it's easy for anyone with a couple credits on a resumé to claim to be a vocal coach. Even some very talented performers can put themselves out there as such, and why not? They're working, so it'd be reasonable to assume they can give you the goods to succeed as well.

    But there's something else to teaching. It's the ability to sense, read a person, know their needs, and, finally, most crucially, the ability to effectively communicate exactly what the learner needs to know.

    And I can happily say that Tracy Olivera is the real deal. I've studied with several voice teachers over my (admittedly still burgeoning) career, and nobody has gotten better results out of me than Tracy. Start with the stats - she's an incredibly accomplished performer, a Broadway-credited, bona fide DC area all-star with many accolades. Her own voice and acting are, simply, awesome. She plays piano very well.

    But beyond the strength of her resumé is her instinct. She has an incredible ability to put you at ease, especially when stressing about an audition, and really focus you on your strengths. However, this isn't me finding a nice way to say she a softie or someone who sugarcoats things, because she is a no BS kind of teacher and will also call your attention to things that need work.

    As a guy, I've worked with Tracy on both legit-voiced material as well as more modern, mix-y, pop-y stuff (a voice that I didn't even really know I had before working with her). Her knowledge of musical theatre repertoire is very broad, so between that and her excellent ear, she's a great way to build up your book, from old standards to Sondheim to contemporary MT, and including great taste in pop and rock music.

    To recap, the best way to put it is that she's a source of motivation when you're lagging and a source of confidence when your skills have grown and you may not have even realized it. Do the work and you'll get better, plain and simple."