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Tammi Hoerner

Tammi Hoerner

Keenesburg, CO

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Services: Healthy Eating / Nutrition, Weight Loss

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I think I've always over complicated things, by simply sitting back and allowing my life to bowl me over. It truly feels like I woke up one day and said to myself, "What HAPPENED to my LIFE?" and worse, "What's HAPPENED to ME?!". I woke to a body that didn't feel like mine, it hurt, was seriously pudgy, and tired. I also woke to a life that I never would have wished on anyone. Things were a devilishly out of whack. Things are much different today, above all, I've begun the process of simplifying my life and helping others to do the same. This life doesn't need to be so complicated. Healthy living is no different. This amazing journey is about just that, living healthfully - a simply Nourished Life.

Healthy Eating / Nutrition

Weight Loss

child and teen
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  • Beata A. September 16, 2010

    "Tammi knows what she's talking about and was very understanding of my busy schedule. With a jam-packed life of her own, she actually understands how difficult it can be to fit nutrition and time to take care of yourself into your daily routine, and she gave very specific tips on easy ways to do that in my own real life. (And debunked a few misconceptions of my own- it is possible to eat too much spinach!)

    Read all the diet magazines you want; having someone like Tammi to work with you on an individual basis is 100% more effective."

  • Ashleigh T. May 11, 2010

    "Tammi is an amazing woman. She is helping me to be who I am meant to be. She has made me realize that I am a strong woman who is capable of overcoming any obstacle in my path. She has given me many tools and advice to help me realize these things and I am eternally grateful for her support and help in my journey! I also eagerly look forward to what other experiences she has in store for me."