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Terry Hasty

Terry Hasty

Online & Utica, MI

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Services: Ballroom Dancing, Dance (Fitness), Latin Dancing, Wedding / Special Events Dancing

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Married with children and a lovely partner and wife (30 yrs). Taught for Arthur Murray Studio's and Fred Astaire Studio's around the world as a Teacher, Can/Am Regional Dance Director, Pro-Coach, Music Event Coordinator, Competition Organizer, World Wide Top New Student Specialist with Arthur Murray Studio's in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

I teach at Argentine Tango Detroit, and in students homes and at social events, and judge local competitions, and perform floor-shows for special events. ECT...

I'm a 5 year member of the Sterling Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and volunteer as an Chamber Ambassador for a many of their local events.
I'm also a Knight of Columbus and volunteer at many of their events.

Ballroom Dancing

foxtrot jive quickstep waltz cotillion paso doble

Dance (Fitness)

Latin Dancing

bolero mambo merengue rumba salsa samba tango cha-cha

Wedding / Special Events Dancing

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  • Giovanni C. January 10, 2011

    "Hi my name is Giovanni and I used to be a good ballroom dancer 20 years ago, but I quit. One day at a local restaurant I picked up flyer advertising dance lessons by Terry Hasty. On a whim I decided to try him out and see if he could live up to his impressive credentials as a previous regional ballroom champion. Yes he could!

    I became " hooked" on re-learning thanks to Terry's knowledge, skills, and patience. Partner style dancings invisible connection is magical to me. It's like being able to speak in a "invisible" language that is known only to those willing to give it a try. And get this,
    there is a dance for every song heard on the radio! Who would'ah thunk that? My music world switched from black and white to technicolor when I first tried these fun dances.

    Years ago I paid outrageous amounts of money to learn ballroom at a major dance studio.
    If Terry had been available back then I could have saved a lot of money. His current rates are probably the best in town.

    Try um, I'l bet you'l like um!



  • Jan M. January 10, 2011

    "Of all of the dance instructors we have had, Terry is by far the best.

    We have been taking classes for more than a year from Terry and have been completely satisfied. Unlike other instructors, he does not teach too fast or too slow. We always look forward to his class as he makes dancing fun and not a chore to learn. He is eager to offer a variety of techniques to help us learn the more difficult steps. He has a never ending quality of being patient and is determined to teach us to dance in a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere.

    I decided I wanted to dance in a big ballroom and compete with other dancers at the beginner/intermediate level, but my partner was not ready to handle the stress factor, so Terry taught me by myself. It was stressful alright, but also very rewarding. Terry was very considerate and understanding of my stage fright jitters and offered several solutions
    for dealing with it. Before the competition, he so inspired me with the comment "It is not whether you win or lose, but it is about the journey along the way". When the big day came, we stepped out on the dance floor with 200 people watching (that's 400 eyes) along with 4 judges and my mind went blank. Terry was quick to calm me down and we got through the dances with flying colors.

    I did win first place for the foxy, fot trot that Terry taught me, and now understand that Terry was right, it is about the journey along the way. I thoroughly enjoy learning to dance with Terry. At every class we always laugh a lot. He has the nicest way of telling me that I am doing a step incorrectly.

    Heaven forbid, he should ever retire. If you decide to take lessons with Mr. Terry Hasty, I guarantee you will enjoy it! As you can see, he has earned my vote!

    p.s. My partner and I are currently taking lessons from Terry for ballroom and social dancing.

    A grateful student


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