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Susan Alger,RN

Susan Alger,RN

Nashville, TN

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Services: Reiki / Energy Work

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I am a RN and Reiki Master Practioner. I received my Reiki training at Nashville's Align Studio in the traditional Usui Tradition. I have worked with a diverse group of clients and derive much satisfaction in helping them find their path to wellness and inner peace.
Having lived in Nashville most of my life, it has been a pleasure to see advances made in our cultural, culinary, and business enterprises. With the influx of residents from all over the world, Nashville's medical, musical, and publishing corporations make it a top spot to live and work. Alternative Medicine has a firm niche here as well, and I am happy to be a part of the blending of Eastern and Western medicine in Middle Tennessee.
I live in West Nashville with my songwriter husband and our canine muse, Parker. I am the proud mother and step-mother of two grown children and one college student.
Please click the "Contact Me" button for any questions and check out my blog by clicking on the upper right of this page.

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  • Ardelle C. March 21, 2013

    "As a PA, working for a heart surgeon in Nashville, I have been reluctant to embrace the concept of Reiki as a viable adjunct to our treatment regime, chiefly because, as Ms. Alger points out in her blog,very few large scale studies have been conducted to verify its efficacy. There are a few and much anecdotal evidence suggesting Reiki administered pre and post operatively does deliver the following benefits particularly to heart patients: improved heart rate variability, reduced anxiety and secondarily reduced B/P. Also, it has been observed that the use of on demand pain medications post operatively is reduced which implies either a reduction in pain elevating chemicals or an elevation of endogenous pain modifiers in the brain. It is clear that the nervous system benefits from the calming effects of this treatment modality. Additionally, and disconcerting, there appears to be a no standards that verify the skill of the Reiki practitioner or a uniform training regime, a fact also mentioned in Ms. Alger's blog.
    I sought out answers about Reiki when a patient requested a Reiki treatment intra-operatively. Fortunately, I found Ms. Alger on the internet and upon reviewing her qualifications, I chose to ask her exactly how Reiki was performed and what demands, if any, it would place on the flow of surgery, the OR staff, and most importantly what effects would have to be anticipated in terms of patient response. Ms. Alger was kind enough to provide me not only with a very thorough description of a typical Reiki session, but also describe,in detail , how this might look intra-operatively with our patient. Ms. Alger is unique, I imagine, among most Reiki practitioners, in that she has OR experience and is familiar with the typical protocols of sterile field management and staff needs. She suggested,based on our patient's pre- surgery diagnosis, that intra-operative Reiki would not be advisable, but that pre-operatively, a Reiki treatment would meet our patient's needs and those of our team. She was very frank about the possibility that the surgical tempo and dynamics of the procedure could change, and in that instance, an extra person could pose a logistical problem; including the presence of a RN, or other medical professional, not part of the surgical team.
    So, while I am not writing a review of her skill as a Reiki practitioner, based on personally receiving a treatment, I can attest that her level of knowledge as a nurse is well beyond typical and her professionalism both as a nurse and Reiki practitioner is of the highest standard. We do not, as yet, offer this service to our patients, but would consider this on a case-by case basis for patients requesting it. Any medical professional who feels this might be of value to their practice, or who has patients requesting this service, I strongly encourage you to contact Ms. Alger for more information.
    A.Collier, PA"

  • Jessica A. July 20, 2012

    "As a Nurse Practitioner, I have always looked towards Western medicine exclusively for personal health management. Susan was generous with her time answering my questions and was very interested in listening to my concerns. The experience of receiving a Reiki treatment is unlike anything I have experienced. During our first session, I was completely relaxed within minutes and felt energized when the hour was up. Subsequent sessions have caused a shift for the better in my life. I am sleeping well, and although my concerns are hormone related, I am certain this has helped improve my imbalance. Maybe it's simply the stress reduction, but there is no question too much stress is not a healthful state for anyone.
    Since I have not received a Reiki treatment from anyone else, I cannot compare Susan with a another Reiki Master Therapist. However, she is very professional, her technique is gentle and intuitive and based on my research prior to our first session, she is a traditionally trained practitioner.
    Highly recommend."

  • Christine C. April 10, 2012

    "Having never had a Reiki treatment, I had no idea what to expect. The sessions were calming and energizing at the same time and left me with a sense of well-being. This has been especially helpful to me as I am undergoing chemotherapy. Susan's calm and gentle demeanor is also a plus. I would definitely recommend her."

  • Kristyn O. April 9, 2012

    "Very comfortable, considering this experience was COMPLETELY foreign to me. I look forward to continuing this experience, I am now a "believer". "

  • Jill M. April 9, 2012

    "Awesome and relaxing experience. "

  • Julia R. April 5, 2012

    "Susan was very professional and very delicate and I believe one of the best in this practice. I recommend Susan Alger to anyone seeking help on their energy and stress level. It was the single most relaxing, yet rejuvenating experience of my life. I plan on using her services again and again!

    Thanks, Susan!"