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stephanie danderson

stephanie danderson

Las Vegas, NV

" Welcome to my Site..."

Services: Makeup Application For Stage And Film

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  • Michele B. March 6, 2011

    "OMG I have had Stephanie do my makeup so many times that I feel like her sister-- really. She takes her time. teaches me along the way and the results are to die for. I have even had her take me out on the town- which I love because it is a Girls Night Out.

    I have bought clothes and hair and makeup from her and I always complain because SHE IS TOO INEXPENSIVE. I live in SF and we pay so much for everything that when I am with Stephanie it feels as if I am taking advantage of her-- go figure.

    Anyway- I am a big fan. Every Las Vegas trip starts with a visit to see her.

    I can gladly share the pictures as I am so proud of them."

  • Madilyn C. March 6, 2011

    "Hi Ladies,

    I met Stephanie during the Spring of 2008 and I have been going to her ever since. Stephanie is (what I call) a true "Artiste'". Stephanie has been a professional make-up artist for many years and has applied herself in so many different situations from runway, to celebrities, to pageants, to girls just going out on the town for a fun special occasion that there isn't anything she can't accomplish.

    Stephanie is skilled in the art of transformation and (as her portfolio reveals) can literally transform her clients into the beautiful woman they have always wanted to be. I remember my first makeover from Steph and how I couldn't believe it was me...I kept looking in the mirror going "Nope, that's not me...maybe my sister, but I don't know that woman", lol...it was amazing!

    Girls, if eye artistry is your thing, there's no one better in Las Vegas for eye-work...and her chairside manner is plain no-holds-barred FUN! Just take a look at her work and you'll see for yourself that a decision to use Stephanie's services in any capacity when in Las Vegas or wherever will result in a reasonable, professional, and beautiful experience...AND you'll make a new friend for life...she's a sweetheart!

    Good luck and enjoy the new you...



  • Jessica F. March 6, 2011

    "Stephanie is the best. She's the only one I trust to do my makeup when I want to look my best. I still remember the first time I came to her. I walked away feeling so pretty. I've also used her for waxing and was quite pleased with those results, too. Finally, Stephanie has great deals on makeup, hair and jewelry (some handmade and absolutely gorgeous). At first I was skeptical about the wigs she sold because the prices were so great and I was used to paying 3-4x as much. When I saw the quality I didn't quite get it, but she explained that the other places have crazy overhead and she doesn't and that her makeup services are where she makes the money and that the wigs are just something she kind of does on the side. Oh. And while having Steph do your makeup is awesome, when you are doing your own makeup (she also teaches classes on this to groups or individually), you'll want to get your makeup from her. It's just professional quality. The colors really pop and last. Seriously, if you're looking for the best services and products and at prices you can afford even in this economy, you can't go wrong visiting Stephanie. "