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Simon Boyar

Simon Boyar

Brooklyn, NY

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Services: Marimba

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My name is Simon Boyar. I am a marimbist/percussionist based in NYC.

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  • Danielle F. May 12, 2010

    "In the three years that I have studied with Simon Boyar, he has improved my technique and musicality on the marimba, but more importantly he has helped me to gain what I believe is the most important tool a musician can have, a good ear. Since studying with Simon, my listening skills have enhanced immensely in both my marimba solos and in chamber music. He isn’t the kind of teacher who allows his students to simply play the instrument and not listen, know, and understand what they are playing. Nor will he ever stop being picky once a student masters one skill. He will keep working the student and being demanding even if they think they have learned everything and are becoming better than he is at the instrument (a feat that is nearly impossible to accomplish). As a participant in his marimba ensemble for three years, he has never stopped striving for a higher level of performance. Every year we play more and more difficult pieces and because he has pushed us, we have now stormed through most of the hardest mallet repertoire. As a performer, he is possibly the most innovative player out there, inventing his own music and performing it in all different kinds of venues. His repertoire spans over every genre of music, and he is turning the marimba into more than a classical instrument but is incorporating it into popular music as well. I would strongly recommend for anyone to study with him and to let him push you to your greatest potential. "

  • Evan G. May 5, 2010

    "Simon Boyar is one of those few musicians that come around a few times in a generation, those musicians who not only possess an immense reservoir of talent, but also have an innate dynamic-ism that sets them on the path of a musical pioneer. The marimba, after all, only came onto the western scene a few decades ago, and the established western musical world is still very much in the early stages of appreciating the full gamut of its possible contributions. Often times, they need an individual to show them the way. There are plenty of individuals out there today who are superlative marimba players, Simon being one of them. But not many of them have the personality, drive, and dynamic nature to be the ambassador of their new craft to the rest of the western musical world. Simon, I think, is unique, in that he can. If you're an avid marimba nerd or just a casual player, keep an eye on him. Get lessons from him. You'll be immensely glad you did, because you'll be hearing his name alot in the years to come. And who doesn't want to say they took lessons from THAT guy?"