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Nicholas Schodtler

Nicholas Schodtler

Bartlett, IL

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Services: Boot Camp, Core Conditioning, Healthy Eating / Nutrition, Weight And Strength Training, Weight Loss

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June 30th, 1993...
In the span of 24-hours I went from being a physically fit 24-year old young man with a fast car and a fun life to an incapacitated dying man being rushed into emergency brain surgery at Columbus-Cabrini-Hospital in Chicago. IL.

My first month was spent in a 24-hour observed Intensive Care Unit. I would not walk out of that very same hospital for nearly three months. When I did leave I couldn’t walk out of the hospital. Blood clots that had developed in both of my legs had seen to that. And so I left in a wheel chair with my bag full of daily medication. I was a placid atrophied 252-pounds. I could not walk and could not lift more than 30-pounds. I would eventually begin to walk again, with crutches at first and then a cane to my necessary months of radiation therapy.

Severe weight gain was just one of the many -many side effects incurred during treatment. Losing weight is typically hard enough. Factor in surviving Cancer, and the physical wreckage left in its wake, and that which was already difficult becomes overwhelming.
I have amassed a wealth of knowledge over the years in effort to restore myself to the healthy athletic physical condition that I was in before Cancer virtually wiped-out the person that I once was.

I am in better physical condition today than I was before Cancer. How I train and nourish my body has given me a new lease on life being 42-years old with a Polar Tri-Fit tested body-age of 18-years old. The same knowledge and expertise that gave me my life back is what I strive to instill in each and every client.

Nicholas James Schodtler
Master Personal Trainer
National Academy of Sports Medicine, C.P.T., P.E.S.
American Kettlebell Club Certified Coach
American Kettlebell Club Master Trainer
GIREVOY - Pro Kettlebell Sport Training
Sports Performance Enhancement Training
Reality Based Fitness / Nutrition / Supplementation
Cell: 312-399-3017

Boot Camp

Core Conditioning

Healthy Eating / Nutrition

Weight And Strength Training

Weight Loss

adult child and teen
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