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Shane Cammell

Shane Cammell

San Jose, CA

" Solo Entertainer, Guitar Teacher"

Services: Guitar

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I've played the guitar for over 33 years, and taught for over 15. My style ranges from classical to fingerstyle, rock/pop, and jazz standards.

As a teacher, I love leading others to reach their musical goals. My students describe me as "patient and personable," "flexible and understanding." I teach in person or via webcam, with current and past students in the U.S.A., New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.


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  • Nathan F. February 13, 2012

    "Hi my name is Nathan Furtado and I took lessons from Shane the past two semesters at Bethany Univeristy in Santa Cruz, which is a little over nine months of classical guitar lessons. Now I've been playing music since I was 16 years old; I'm currently 24 years old and I've always been heavily immersed in all branches of the music scene--recording, playing shows, to a couple years where I would tour. I have a broad view of musicians; I've played with many different caliber of musicians, so when I heard about possibly taking lessons at my school I was initially skeptical. It was rare that I found someone who I really had confidence they were knowledgable and could challenge me to really push myself as a musician. I'm primarily a bassist, but I also play guitar. So, Shane did a presentation for the school and played a piece which really, really impressed me, and I saw that he's a very skilled musician. In my opinion, he's the most skilled classical guitarist I've met to date and that I personally know. So I started taking lessons with Shane, and immediately he pushed and challenged me; which was good. I really appreciated it because when you want to become a better musician, you have to be challenged, you have to be pushed, and Shane does that. He will evaluate where you're at and put you in a class or level that isn't too much to handle but will require you to practice every day to perform the material. My classical guitar playing went from not good at all to a lot better than what it was. He implements a lot of cool and innovative tools while teaching. He uses a GoogleDoc format in which you get a Gmail account and you guys link up on there. Then there are these documents that he shares with you and gives you an online diary to go through and see what lessons you did and put any comments if you need to. You can communicate with Shane through that if you'd like, through email or whichever means that you guys set up. Another helpful thing he does is share the music online. He'll email you the tablature, which is really helpful because you can look at it on your phone if you have a smart phone or on your computer; even print it out and have it with you. One of the best parts are the Youtube videos. He has YouTube videos of him performing the pieces, which shows how it should sound, how it should look, and it's a good way to judge and see whether you're playing the pieces correctly. Another huge benefit--and especially as a college student this really makes life easier--is the ability to do webcam lessons, and doing it through Skype or whatever other means online.With how crazy schedules are in college it's hard to travel to wherever to take the time when you have a 30-minute lesson, if you're driving 15 minutes there and back that's an hour out of your day. With the webcam capacity it broadens the possibilities of time frames and it better works for scheduling easier and it doesn't compromise any of the integrity of the lesson, which is very vital. Shane has definitely impacted me and is hands down the best teacher I've had."