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Ryan McDermott

Ryan McDermott

Cambridge, MA

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Services: Core Conditioning, Kettlebell Training, Kickboxing (Fitness), Kickboxing (Martial Arts), Muay Thai, Weight And Strength Training

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I'm one of the Striking coaches at REDLINE Fight Sports. I've been training and competing in Muay Thai, SanDa, San Shou and Kickboxing since 2003. In 2005 I won the USKBA National Super Middleweight Championship in Kickboxing.

I currently run the Teen Program and am one of the coaches of the REDLINE Fight Sports MMA and Kickboxing Teams.

I also was a recipient of the 2009 AMA Magazine Excellence In Teaching Martial Arts award in 2009.

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  • matheus D. February 17, 2011

    "Great coach, fighter and student. I have taken his classes for over a year now and every time I leave with something new. He studies your style and helps shape his lessons for you. This all happens while he screams, grunts and motivates you to blast from your comfort zone into good shape as well as learning great technique."

  • Imran M. December 21, 2010

    "I've been training with Ryan for just about a year now and I have nothing but great things to say about him, his coaching style, and his abilities as an instructor.

    Ryan's the type of coach that does what coaches do best - he lets you do your thing. Instead of trying to shoehorn you into one specific training style or set of techniques, Ryan assesses your strengths and weaknesses and identifies the skills that you need to succeed. Case and point: I have rather longish arms and a naturally wide chest, so Ryan incorporated a lot of quick in and out striking into my techniques in order to make maximum use of range.

    When it comes to fitness training, Ryan's the type of guy who will identify where your limit is, and then yell, scream, and push you to JUST over that limit, living you physically exhausted but mentally invigorated knowing that you just did something that minutes ago you swore you could never do.

    Oh yeah, and one last thing - Ryan's patient. I can't emphasize this trait enough in a Martial Arts trainer. Ryan will see where you are right now, help you see where you want to be, and be a helping hand (and an encouraging voice) every step of the way. "

  • Joe T. December 21, 2010

    "Ryan has a different and unique approach to Muay Thai at Redline Fight Sports because he's constantly finding a way to understand the human mechanics in this art and helps people to improve their techniques. He also doesn't go easy on us, but he's really awesome to learn and train under. He also conducts Thai pads classes and ensure that the fighters and students to keep their striking techniques sharp for MMA, Sanda, and Sanshou. He's very knowledgeable in those aspects. "