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Rudy Ryan

Rudy Ryan

Knoxville, TN

" Welcome to my Site... I found an instrument that will take me though the rest of my life."

Services: Appalachian / Fretted Dulcimer

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I'm a retired engineer. Married with 3 grown kids and 2 grand-kids. Love playing and teaching the Appalachian Dulcimer. Other hobbies include camping and hiking.

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  • How long have I been teaching Appalachian dulcimer?

    I've been teaching since the spring of 2003.

  • When did I start to learn the Appalachian dulcimer?

    I purchased my first dulcimer on July 3, 1997.

  • What do you enjoy about playing this dulcimer?

    I enjoy the way you sit down and hold it in your lap. The sound is a mixture of old and new and connects me with the past. Meeting people who play the dulcimer is one of the best things about this instrument.

  • How much does an Appalachian dulcimer cost?

    You get what you pay for generally. As of 2013, a good wooden beginner dulcimer starts around $300.00. The range for an intermediate dulcimer is from $400 to around $800.

  • How long does it learn to play this instrument?

    It depends on what your goal is. You can learn to play simple tunes in a day. It takes several months of practice to get beyond the pure beginner stage. After a year of playing and practicing, you should be able to play at the intermediate level which will give you great enjoyment.

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