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Roger Burnley

Roger Burnley

Los Angeles, CA

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Services: Voice Teacher / Vocal Coach

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Hi, I'm Roger Burnley, and I'm here to help you with your singing voice.

I started out as a singer, and ended up being a vocal coach, because I had soooo many issues with my own voice. The first several years of my singing journey was a bitter struggle. You name the problem, I had it! I didn't like my tone... couldn't hit my high notes... felt terrible in my throat and jaw... couldn't control my vibrato... and was totally and utterly CONFUSED!

After years of frustration though, I finally managed to turn it around. I literally traveled the country, learned from the best, and even worked closely with an Ear Nose Throat Doctor, which led me to an intimate understanding of the voice. This transformation led me to teaching the voice, which I do every day in my studio in Hollywood California. I've taught everyone from big stars (such as Macy Gray, Brandy, Beastie Boys, Ray-J and many more), to broadway actors, lead singers in bands, all the way to people who just want to shine on the Karaoke stage, or sing beautifully in Church.

It thrills me to make instant transformations in my clients voices!

Voice Teacher / Vocal Coach

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