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Vishvajit Acharya

Vishvajit Acharya

Amherst, NY

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Services: Overcoming Depression, Philosophy, Yoga

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Vishvajit Acharya was born in India. He has been practicing and teaching yoga and philosophy for more than 14 years. While in college, he realized that there was something missing from his studies, and he decided to find out what it was.

Studying should bring real peace and he wanted to experience that inner peace. He left his home and joined Darshan Yoga University in India to study the ancient art of yoga. He has been practicing several yoga styles throughout his research. He traveled to various mountains, rivers and forests in search of authentic yoga gurus. He studied ancient classical yoga philosophy under the supervision of the great yogi Swami Satyapati Parivrajak. He went to Panini Sanskrit University in Hariyana to study Sanskrit grammar and to the Arya Vanaprashtha Ashram in Haridwar to study the Vedas.

His specialty is in Vedic Sanskrit chanting. He is a learned Sanskrit language scholar and is well versed in Vedic literature. He has studied numerous ancient scriptures including the Holy Bhagavat Gita, Mahashi Patanjali’s yoga sutras, Vedas and Hatha yoga pradeepikaa. He has served as a Hindu priest and worked with a number of devotees who were in search of their life purpose. He has been offering his humble services through yoga seminars, character development camps for children, philosophy teachings, martial arts, Sanskrit and Hindi language classes.

Martial arts helped him to realize his essential capabilities and made him understand that it is not an art of violence but an art of self discipline, self control and increasing self confidence. He taught martial arts to hundreds of students in India and the U.S. In 1999 he was the national gold medalist in India.

His mission is to bring awareness on physical health and spiritual upliftment through yoga, philosophy and the principles of martial arts.

Overcoming Depression



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