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Patty Penner

Patty Penner

Madison, WI

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Services: Reiki / Energy Work, Tai Chi Chuan

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It is an old axiom that healers come to their profession because of the healing work they are doing on themselves. I am no exception, I developed a mysterious rash from the knees up after a miscarriage in the early 90's and went downhill rapidly from there. I was extremely ill with no real diagnosis for almost 10 years and ended up in Mayo Clinic. I later found out that the house we lived in contained toxic levels of pesticides and also toxic mold. All this led me to T'ai Chi and Qi Gong, which eventually led me to Reiki and health and peace of mind.

I bring all the wisdom and knowledge I learned from these experiences and more to my Reiki practice. It helps me to come from a genuine place of compassion. I now know that I am on my souls path finally and doing what I came here to do in this life time.

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  • Kelly W. October 16, 2011

    "Patty made my first treatment very relaxing, informative and therapeutic - she took a lot of time to sit and discuss what would happen, what I was there for, and afterwards, what happened. I would definitely recommend her!"

  • Melba N. June 22, 2011

    "I have been a client of Pattys for a while, she is very thorough at she does- Reiki shares, I have attended were excellent. Patty is an excellent teacher, she is intuitive, guiding and researches and reads and teaches as well. She has healing hands there is no doubt. If anyone asks me about her Reiki or Tai Chi, It would be a definite to be seen by her. Her newest addition is Karuni Reiki- and I have had some wonderful experiences with this treatment. God bless you Patty in all that you have helped and guided me through."