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Jesse Danger

Jesse Danger

New York, NY

" Experience Freedom Through Movement"

Services: Freerunning / Parkour, Speed / Agility Training

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My name is Jesse Danger, I have been training Parkour for over 9 years in and around New York City and New Jersey. I believe anybody and everybody is capable of bettering themselves through Parkour.

I am the owner and co-founder of The Movement Creative, an organization focused on making Parkour & Natural movement safe and accessible for children and adults alike in NYC. www.themovementcreative.com

If you are interested in learning Parkour, whether through classes, group, or private lessons, please reach out! : TheMovementCreative@gmail.com

I host weekly community Parkour sessions, that rotate through different spots around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Sign up for the weekly newsletter on the Movement Creative website.

I also run afterschool Parkour programs in public schools, as well as workshops and gym-class supplemental programs. If you are a school administrator, please contact me for more information in regards to our history and our offerings.

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  • Kobe A. September 17, 2012

    "I can't recommend Jesse enough! He really is one of the best Parkour instructors in the greater NYC area! When I first started, I knew nothing about Parkour and was afraid of hurting myself. Thanks to Jesse, my fears are gone and Parkour has become one of my favorite activities - I practice it almost every day.

    In addition to being a great instructor at Parkour technique, Jesse also teaches the strength and conditioning necessary for Parkour.

    Everyone should learn Parkour, and Jesse is the right person to teach it!"

  • Zachary C. July 14, 2012

    "I had already started training parkour when I first met Jesse. Or at least, I thought I had. My first training session with him literally changed my life.

    I had never, and to this day have never, gone through a harder workout - physically or emotionally. And throughout the entire thing, Jesse knew exactly how to encourage each person. Some people he left alone, some people he yelled at, some people he gently encouraged, other people he looked at, and nodded in approval.

    Every person made it through that workout, even though none of us thought we would. And after, we realized that we were a lot stronger than we thought we could ever be."

  • Irina G. June 18, 2012

    "I started out with the same fears most beginners probably do: I had a fear that I wasn't adequately fit enough even for a beginner's course or that I will be the only one failing to grasp the techniques. My boyfriend and I took our first lesson with Jesse with no knowledge and left with more confidence and excitement about continuing. I can honestly say that Jesse exceeded both of our expectations. He was extremely knowledgeable of the sport and was able to adapt his lesson based on our level of fitness and what we wanted to learn.

    Our workout was a small private lesson with just myself and my boyfriend (and an unexpected third: little boy who joined in after he saw us running around and climbing a fence) in Central Park. We began with some warm up exercises and then moved to the basics of movement and balance. Then, when we got the hang of that, we moved on to learning how to jump/vault over a fence. This seemed easy enough, but I had my own fears of inadequacy and falling. However, both Jesse and my partner were supportive and patient. Once I've succeeded, we moved onto new techniques, and my confidence in my abilities has risen with each new thing I learned. Even when I wasn't able to vault over the fence the way I had hoped to, Jesse would explain why what I did wasn't wrong; that is, in parkour there are no "right" or "wrong" ways to do something, there's only doing something without breaking momentum.

    Needless to say, everyone's reviews about his personality, teaching abilities, and technique are very accurate. I will definitely be reaching out to Jesse again for another lesson. "

  • Anya H. June 5, 2012

    "Jesse is an extremely encouraging and creative instructor. I really enjoy his workouts on Tuesday evenings. They're never the same, and I always feel spent afterwards. Jesse helps push people past where they're comfortable without being overwhelming. They are definitely a great boost to my strength, agility, movement and general Parkour ability."

  • Andrew S. June 1, 2012

    "One of the most dedicated-to-others New York Parkour instructor I have come across. Jesse gives you workouts that everybody is capable of doing and he pushes you to your limit.. and then past your limit. At first I was hesitant to try, thinking that it would just be a bunch of advanced guys and I wouldn't be able to keep up. Well, that was not the case, I showed up and if there was something in particular I couldn't do, Jesse modified it to suit my abilities. I went to gyms for years and the biggest improvement I have ever seen on my body has been since I started Midweek Get Strong Sessions and Midweek Technique about a year ago. Also with the midweek crew, it doesn't feel like an instructor telling you what to do, since Jesse himself also does all of the workouts with you, it feels more like a community and a friendship amongst all involved. Highly recommended. "

  • Abraham D. May 31, 2012

    "I take Jesse's Parkour conditioning class once a week. Jesse has a peaceful but firm style and is always able to push the class to our boundaries without going over the line. As a teacher, he is attentive, helpful, intuitive, and effective. As a person, I would trust him with my life. In my two short months in the class, my strength, precision, and confidence has increased threefold. Recommended."

  • Eileen V. December 3, 2011

    "Jesse teaches my 11 y.o. son Parkour and he's great! He is very personable, very dedicated to the art of Parkour and great with my son. I am so glad we found him. He has a great amount of patience and is very encouraging. He allows my son go at his own pace and does not rush him to learn. Always showed up on time at designated meeting spot. Showed us lots of different places to practice. Taught my son the story behind Parkour also. Jesse is definately not someone who does Parkour just because of the popularity, he truly respects the art of it. He is VERY dedicated to Parkour. I would recommend him highly as a teacher for children. "

  • Heather K. September 20, 2011

    "This was my first time trying Parkour and it was a really great experience! Jesse was a great instructor and he modified parts of the class so that it wouldn't be too difficult. I was definitely pushed and challenged, but nothing felt impossible. If there was a movement I was unable to do, Jesse told me how to substitute it with something else. Jesse and the rest of the class were extremely friendly, encouraging and motivating. I 100% would recommend this class to anyone that wants to try Parkour!"

  • What is Parkour?

    Parkour is a discipline of movement and self-improvement that teaches one how to overcome any obstacle both efficiently and creatively. This playful platform of movement encourages interaction between yourself, others, and your environment. Practitioners will seek out challenges that test them both physically and mentally in order to better understand their own capabilities and limitations. Through this process, Parkour encourages curiosity and experimentation, builds strength and self-confidence, and teaches the importance of facing your fears.

  • Who can do Parkour?

    Parkour is for everyone, regardless of shape, size, and fitness level. When practiced correctly and consistently, it not only is safe but teaches one how to assess risk, cope with uncertainty, and think creatively. Individuals can choose to pursue Parkour in accordance to their interests, whether it be low-impact, range-of-movement exercises, or high-impact, strength and power movement. Our practitioners are called Traceurs.

  • Isn't Parkour dangerous?

    We go above and beyond to promote and ensure safe and proper practice of the discipline. When practiced responsibly, Parkour is one of the safest disciplines you can participate in. Practitioners learn to listen to their bodies, and to learn their capabilities and limitations. Our methods of instruction are similar to martial arts and gymnastics; we utilize a series of progressions to learn movements--requiring students to master the simpler, easier movements before advancing to more complex techniques. Parkour should be treated as a holistic training program. We promote having a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, and allowing for the proper amount of time for recover.

  • What should I wear/bring?

    Please wear comfortable clothes to work out in, a pair of comfortable sneakers with good support, and a bottle of water. If you are attending a session after or before work/school, it may also be wise to bring a snack.

  • Do you still offer classes when it is cold/snowy?

    Parkour is meant to be trained through all seasons. We continue classes & lessons outside throughout the winter months, placing greater emphasis on warming up and incorporating vigorous, continuous activity.

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