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Michelangelo Campisi

Michelangelo Campisi

San Francisco, CA


Services: Life Coaching

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Since childhood, I've been mainly interested in: Is it possible to be happy? Short answer: YES!

As an Integral Life Coach, I combine the PRACTICALITY of cutting edge modern Western Psychology with the time tested WISDOM of Eastern Spiritual Systems.

Results are quantifiable and verifiable: More Clarity, Strength, Trust, Confidence, Love and HAPPINESS.

May you Love and Be Loved,

ॐ integral life coach → www.MichelangeloCampisi.com
ॐ integral activist → www.TheBlueMovement.org

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  • Thomas -. November 21, 2011

    "Working with Michelangelo was not always easy, but it was always exactly what I needed. I know that my life is so much more clear and fulfilling because of him and for this I will always be grateful. After my third session I already knew that everything happens for a reason and that my I had finally found the help that I had been praying for. I made a commitment to work together for at least 6 months. I remember when I asked him what I should expect, he answered that as long as my intentions were sincere and I committed to being open and honest, that I should expect nothing less than miracles. I learned to trust, to be strong and to believe in myself and that by believing in myself everything is possible. This is the biggest miracle of all because now I feel strong enough to pursue my dreams. Sometimes I ask myself, "what would Michelangelo say if I asked him about this?" I am reminded that the answer is inside of me and that as long as I act from a place of Love, everything will be fine. Thank you Michelangelo for your dedication and compassion and for always believing in me even when I did not believe in myself. Angels really do exist."

  • Golden F. November 11, 2011

    Michelangelo, provides an unconditional love while guiding one towards the light, he intuitively shares tools and lessons to continual bring spiritual awareness of true love and happiness from starting sessions in 2005, to the present. He is a true angel....

  • Ken T. November 3, 2011

    "Since my weekly business and personal coaching sessions with
    MichaelAngelo my income has doubled and my debt has gone down
    significantly. More important I have a clearer perspective on the unique services
    my business has to offer and now charge more for my services because
    of it. I find that the seamless blending of personal coaching as well
    as business development coaching that MA provides helps me experience
    my business as my "Guru" in that I am learning more about who I am as
    a human being through the lens of my business activities. MA manages
    to shed light on the importance of every event and tempers those
    experiences by putting them in the perspective of "The Big Picture".
    His scope is truly Universal, and I am in deep gratitude for being in
    the presence of his Awakened State.

  • andrea V. October 28, 2011

    "Michelangelo helped me source my career. Over the six months I saw him, he helped me through a difficult time figuring out how to bridge my spiritual, and work related interests, both through counseling, coaching, and mystical techniques.

    I would recommend him to anyone wanting to go further with their career, or to challenge themselves through getting through whatever is holding them back.

    He is compassionate and dedicated to your growth.

  • Leslee M. October 25, 2011

    "I met Michelangelo, in 2005. I was facing 6 months of a medical treatment that besides causing me to lose my hair another side affect was depression. I was worried and needed someone to help me through it. I sought out a 'Life Coach' one that would really press me to move forward (kick ass) and not allow me to wallow in my stuff. Having been prone to depression most of my adult life I knew this process was going to be difficult for me. I sought out on the internet for Life Coach and kick ass... and found him! Please let me explain that I have been on a spiritual journey for the past 20 years and have practiced, studied and read about all types of metaphysical aspects of life. So when we met I was not sure what to expect (and I am pretty sure I wasn't what he expected!)

    Having informed him of the onset of my medical treatment and what my expectations were, I realized he understood and took me on as a challenge, I'm sure! I placed my trust in him, it was easy to do. He never pressured me to do more that I could and always pushed me to do as much as I could. For that I will always honor him. He always found ways for me to reach a goal small or large. He encouraged, cajoled and witted me into practices that often took me out of myself (depression) and kept me with a form of emotion stability. He always kept his word with me and I kept mine by showing up, even on my toughest days and I could barely move, I showed up and he would give me tea and sit in mediation with me. He would let me talk while he would listen objectively and offer me a new way to see my life. He always had a little something each week that would carry me through to the next. Whether, it be telling me of a new food for my diet, or the act of thoughtfully sharing with others, I always had something I could do.

    Michelangelo, has become a trusted loved friend to me to this day. In my life there are no accidents, I know he has been a part of mine to keep me connected to the real spiritual world and outside of my own head. In 2005 with MA's help, I made the decision to take on legal guardianship of my 2 year old grandson, a blessing I get to experience daily. In 2010, spirit offered me another 2 day old grandson which I was hesitant to take on. I was worried, fearful and indecisive. In my haste and through tears, I accidently mis-dialed his phone number, but when I heard him on the phone, I knew what the answer was for me. I now have two blessings in my life and each day is new beginning. MA, I think will be a part of my life always, I will have him in my heart and I pray that whenever I need a true friend he will be there for me.

  • Lisa A. October 23, 2011

    "Michelango is a beautiful, insightful and intuitive life coach and spiritual guide who has made an ENORMOUS impact on our lives. I sought him out for my long time partner to "help" him. I got way more than I bargained for :-). Not only did Michelangelo help my partner find his path but he also significantly improved my life, and our life together. We actually met Angelo with the intention of figuring out how to end an 8 year relationship. We were tied up in debt and disfunction and couldn't see our way out. Coming up on our 5 year wedding anniversary in November and expecting our first baby in February we can truly say that Michelangelo has been a ray of light in our lives and a guiding force to helping us find our true north. Angelo cuts through the mud and gets to the heart of what is out of balance. He is at once a loving force and the kick in the pants that we all need to get things moving in the right direction. We always think of visits with him as an amazing combination of tea with the monks and a visit with a personal trainer at the gym wrapped up into one... It feels so peaceful, hurts like hell and pushes you beyond what you ever thought you were capable of doing.... but seeing tangible results always keeps you coming back for more :-) "

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