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Mary Breedlove

Mary Breedlove

Venice, CA

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Services: Pilates

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A life-long workout fanatic, I was searching for a way to make health and wellness a larger part of my life. One private Pilates lesson proved to be the answer. After spending years in the corporate worlds of publishing and interior design, I changed my career path and began the rigorous Pilates Certification process. To this day, this is the best decision I've made in my life.

I am a Classically trained Pilates Instructor certified through the renowned Peak Pilates in Boulder, Colorado. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, I left my hometown to pursue my Pilates career in Los Angeles.

I love to provide my clients with a variety of challenges on the various apparatus and the mat, and I make it a point to be sure my clients leave a class/session feeling better than they did upon walking in the door. Seeing changes in my clients' posture, physique and health in general is gratifying beyond words.


mat reformer
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  • Kim H. September 3, 2010

    "Mary is an amazing instructor and a wonderful person! I first started working with Mary in group mat classes. Having never done Pilates before and not being what you would call a "flexible" person, I was terribly intimidated the first time I went to class. However, Mary's warmth, patience, and encouragement got me through those first few classes and I began to see such an improvement in my body that I decided to start working with her privately on the reformer and other equipment. The subsequent private instruction increased my strength and flexibility and made dramatic changes to my body. Mary kept the sessions interesting, challenging and fun! I was so sad when she moved to LA, but I feel lucky to have had to opportunity to work with her. She made me a believer in what Pilates can do for your mindy, body and spirit - especially with the right guidance of the right instructor. Good luck with your new studio!!!!!"

  • Simon V. August 18, 2010

    "To be honest when someone first suggested I took Pilates I was skeptical to say the least. As a rugby player I couldn't think of anything I'd want to do less but I had a chronic back problem and after constant pestering from a friend I went to see Mary.

    Six months down the track I can't believe how much my body has transformed, first and foremost my chronic back pain which has troubled me for the last 10 years has all but disappeared, I'm much more flexible, my core is a lot stronger and I'm an all round better athlete.

    Mary's amazing at what she does, her attention to detail, nurturing spirit and knowledge of Pilates ensured that I got the one on one care I needed. I've no doubt that if i was in a group class my weaknesses wouldn't have been spotted and I'd still be troubled with back pain.

    If you're not sure about pilates or taking a one on one class all I can say is what have you got to lose? If I'd invested in Mary's services earlier who knows how much money and pain I would have saved.

    Good luck!


  • Melissa A. August 18, 2010

    "Mary is AMAZING! Totally dedicated to the betterment of her clients, she's patient, structured, but flexible and has really helped me to enjoy working out. Since I've been seeing Mary, I'm more energetic, more flexible and feel so much better about myself and my body. She is kind and supportive and takes her position very seriously. It it wasn't for Mary, I wouldn't have stuck through pilates - she's an asset to anyone's derriere, arms, abs and legs! "

  • Michele S. August 17, 2010

    "I first started my private reformer with Mary the Summer of 2008. I looked forward to our session and would work my life around our classes. It was not only because of the classes but Mary is a wonderful teacher who would never let me give less than 110%. She was always pushing me to my limits, and challenging EVERY part of me.

    Unfortunately, she has left my part of the country but I would DEFINATELY train with Mary again if she would come back. Mary Breedlove is a fantastic trainer and you will love her as long as you are serious about a great work out. "

  • Jen M. August 17, 2010

    "Mary is an excellent instructor. Prior to working with Mary I was not flexible and had back problems. Now I feel great. Mary is patient and instructive. She makes pilates fun yet challenging. She is awesome!"

  • John T. August 16, 2010

    "With the assistance of Mary's excellent instruction and her textbook example of proper form I was able to transform body and drastically improve my core strength. I was able to drop 20 pounds and improve my overall posture and physique. Everyone noticed the positive change in my body and my attitude due to taking classes with Mary. I hate the gym, but I love Mary's classes, not only do I feel better when I leave then when I show up, but she encourages me and coaches me on proper form to maximize benefit. I have always felt welcome, and respected no matter how out of shape I was in the beginning. I highly recommend Mary to anyone and I often do. "

  • Tracey Z. August 16, 2010

    "I met Mary Breedlove in January 2009 when she came to my house to give me my first private Pilates lesson. To say that my life changed that day, thanks to Mary, would be a gross understatement! My husband had purchased a Pilates Reformer and I needed some instruction on the proper way to use it, as I have Mild Scoliosis and did not want to injure myself. Mary educated me on Joseph Pilates' philosophy of the Pilates Method, and I was instantly interested in learning more and trying it out.

    A friend of mine and I started taking semi-private lessons from Mary on the Mat, Reformer, and Tower. We were both instantly addicted, as we could see super results within two weeks, when our bodies started to change for the better. It was such a positive experience learning Pilates from Mary, because I believe she was meant to teach Pilates and change lives. She has truly found her calling and sets such a wonderful example of what wellness and good health are all about - mind, body, and soul! My friend and I are still taking Pilates 3 -4 times a week and absolutely love it! Taking Pilates has totally improved my poor posture, helped me tone my muscles, and given me strength. I no longer have lower back pain because of the great transformation my body has undergone since starting Pilates with Mary.

    Although Mary has moved to the Los Angeles area to pursue her Pilates career and enhance her life, we will forever be indebted to her for getting us "hooked on Pilates"! We miss her greatly! Mary's passion for Pilates and contagious enthusiasm for it deem her an outstanding instructor, of which I have not seen the like! She is a true inspiration! Her ability to determine a student's level and help them improve in the areas most needed is remarkable. She always keeps it interesting, changing up the routines to avoid monotony and keep us focused. Mary loves to watch her students develop week by week, and celebrates their successes with them. Her gentle guidance and excitement for our progress encouraged us to stick with it and work even harder to please her. I hope that everyone who tries Pilates in the Los Angeles area gets an opportunity to learn from Mary Breedlove, so they may experience an exceptional instructor with a true passion for Pilates and life!"

  • Pamelyn M. August 11, 2010

    "As a current Pilates student and business associate of Mary Breedlove’s, I have the pleasure of working with her on two different levels.
    As an instructor, Mary turned a cardio and weight lifting junkie into a Pilates lover for life. Her expertise and ability to provide specific, anatomically informed and visual clues helped me to understand and feel what each movement was meant to feel like. This is what differentiates the basic instructors and the life-changing instructors. I took Pilates classes in the past and never truly “got it” until Mary’s class. Mary’s ability to gauge each student’s abilities and adapt the exercises appropriately is essential to a successful Pilates program. Along with that, she varies the mat work to keep things interesting and to offer the students new challenges when needed. Her kind reminders and encouragement during classes also enable us to work to our potential. She does not simply teach the class and go through the motions but eludes such an immense passion for the practice during each and every class that it makes you want to get better and better.

    On the business side, I hired Mary to teach semi-private Pilates classes to employees of the office parks that I work for. Her professionalism, business sense and enthusiasm allowed for a smooth business relationship. Her mind set exceeds far beyond the Pilates studio and provides her with a well-rounded approach to the business side of Pilates as well. Her organizational skills allowed her to always stay on top of new students, payment plans, class changes and student communication. Every student had the pleasure of encountering an exceptional Pilates experience with Mary as their teacher!