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Steve Del Castillo

Steve Del Castillo

Lutz, FL

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  • AnnMarie S. January 27, 2013

    "Tampa Krav Maga Martial Arts has been a wonderful and positive experience for our 8 year old son. Since joining KMMA he has gained confidence, focus and self discipline. He looks forward to going to all his classes because they are fun and exciting (as well as a good work out!). The owner and master instructor, Shihan Steve, is an expert on teaching and mentoring kids through Krav Maga. He is a true professional who is committed to serving his students the very best of martial art. Shihan has already produced some of the best Krav Maga black belts around! All of his black belts are positive role models and mentors for the children they serve. My son and many others have learned and developed great Krav Maga skills from each and every one of the Sensei who help out at the dojo. Shihan and all his Sensei teach with positive reinforcement and encouragement. Students at this dojo are encouraged to set high standards for themselves. They are taught to always strive for black belt excellence both on and off the matt. The students are taught how to set goals and to reach them through hard work and perseverance. And the lessons taught at KMMA go beyond martial arts. Children are taught not only about self protection physically but also emotionally. KMMA has held "Bully Proof" workshops to teach the children in the community how to handle a bully situation and even how not to be the bully. These are valuable life lessons which affect many children on a daily basis. Before my son began this program, I read Shihans mission statement on his website, it reads:
    To teach excellence, achieved through the values of Focus, Perseverance and Honor and conduct all business in accordance with these same values. To arm children with self-esteem, provide them with the life skills of success and partner with parents and schools to prepare them to lead productive lives. To provide the highest quality instruction in the Martial Arts and help people realize their personal goals through our various programs. To provide a fun, positive and open atmosphere where people are respected, families are appreciated and community is strengthened. To continuously evolve to better serve our customers and team.
    Shihan proves to live up to this statement every day. His character and integrity are second to none. This dojo is truly an asset to our community and our children. I highly recommend KMMA without reservation to any and all who want to learn the art of Krav Maga from top notch instructors in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment.

  • Ranger S. February 22, 2011

    "My life change the day I walked through the doors at the Krav Maga School. I wanted to learn to protect my family and I found so much more. I found an amazing highly motivated group of friends as well as an amazing new hobby. Before I knew it I was making my way up through the ranks. Shihan Steve has a special way of teaching for each fitness level and personality. If you want to loose weight, get in shape and walk the world in peace, let's get you started.

    shane stephens "

  • Karyn K. February 19, 2011

    "I have been a student under Shihan Stephen Del Castillo for several years and my skills in the martial arts, especially Krav Maga, have increased immensely. His pedagogy is one that is easy to understand and follow. He is under the leadership of Eyal Yanilov of Krav Maga Global. Due to a close relationship between Mr. Del Castillo and Mr. Yanilov we have the honor and privilege of visitations from Mr. Yanilov and experience his expertise of authentic Krav Maga a few times a year. Mr. Del Castillo is highly proficient in many forms of the martial arts and has an enthusiastic, compelling and encouraging disposition. He makes learning the techniques exciting and fun to the point of becoming addicted. People don't even realize they are getting a hard core work out due to the focus and attention on the techniques and drills. I personally look forward to each class I can attend. I would highly recommend anyone to try a class under the instruction of Stephen Del Castillo. I guarantee you will have a blast and enjoy the KMMA experience and family!"