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Katharyn King

Katharyn King

Riverside, CA

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Services: Acting, French, Resume Building And Review

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Katharyn R. King is an award-winning actress, screenwriter, director and highly skilled French linguist. She is currently pursuing her BFA in Acting for Film at New York Film Academy; she continues to keep her stage acting skills fresh with courses at Fullerton College. For more information about Katharyn, visit her Facebook page and hit "Like" !


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  • Tanja S. May 2, 2012

    "This is the mark of a true pro.

    I had taken acting classes in high school, but I never learned as much in four years as I did in one session with Katharyn. She really knows a lot about acting !

    The coolest thing about her is that she's always in pursuit of knowledge. She stays fresh by taking classes and then she gathers that information and she passes it on. She sets a great example. You never stop learning, you can never know too much. There's always something changing in this world of acting. I love that she aims to be as well-rounded as possible.

    She's fantastic, easy to work with for anyone at any age or level. No time wasted at all. I wish I could tick every box on the things I like about her, but it only lets me pick two.

    I'm a better actor because of Katharyn King."

  • Angela V. May 2, 2012

    "I am an avid fan of this brilliant young lady !

    She's nearly half my age, but she has so much to share about acting already ! She has given me a great foundation. I'm so impressed by the wealth of knowledge she possesses !

    I have a great time every time we meet; I learn something new every week !

    I can't say enough good things about Katharyn King. I highly recommend her to everyone, kids and adults of all ages who are interested in pursuing acting and can't afford to shell out the big bucks to go to special schools will find her rates more than affordable. Not only will you learn a lot, but you will have a great time doing it !

    She's funny, well-spoken and clear. Not only that, but she's VERY PATIENT !

    She won't make promises she can't keep. For example, she's not going to promise that you'll be a big star after working with her-whether it's one time or even for years--she keeps it real. The only promise she makes it to give you more tools to make you a success, and she assumes you have no experience. I'm just taking tips from her so that I don't look like a know-nothing when I go out to audition.

    Thanks again!"

  • Liv S. May 1, 2012

    "Katharyn is one of the most skilled professionals in her field.

    Not only is she knowledgeable about French language, but she has a great deal of experience when it comes to Francophone cultures. As a Linguist in the Army, she has travelled extensive. She speaks, reads and writes fluently, and it shows.

    In addition to all of these qualification, Katharyn is attentive, patient, friendly and kind. She provides a casual and inviting atmosphere in her own home. There is no pressure to speak; all she asks is for you to make a sincere effort. She honestly cares about her students and has been teaching French since she was 11 years old.

    For a fun, rewarding experience, choose Katharyn King as your French teacher, or even for your children. She's willing to host more than one student at a time, prices are beyond reasonable (honestly, I don't think she charges enough for everything she does for me and my daughter), and she is extremely open to scheduling needs.

    If you are serious about learning this beautiful language, for whatever reason, this is the woman to see.

    Merci de m'avoir enseigne cette belle langue, Katharyn !

    Liv Stromme"