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Johanfrancelys Di Padua

Johanfrancelys Di Padua

Lomita, CA

" Zumba With Joanne(424)201-9276"

Services: Zumba

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Cost $5 per class Monday and Wednesday 6:15pm in Torrance at Towers Elementary School 5600 Towers St Torrance 90503
Tuesdays 6:15pm at Precision Dance in Lomita(PCH & Narbonne Ave)
Fridays 9:45am Cheers Body and Mind in Lomita(Narbonne Ave and Lomita BlVd) Saturdays 9 am 24309 Narbonne Ave Lomita 90717
Email: johanfrancelys@gmail.com (424) 201-9276
Hablo Espanol!

My Zumba Class Its NOT about perfection, it's not about "looking good" it's about having a great time, feeling good and having a much HEALTHIER life..

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  • krista A. March 17, 2012

    " Joanne’s classes are always energizing, entertaining and a great workout.
    The motivating music and her excellent leadership let me dance like a maniac---I’ve become addicted!
    I highly recommend her because you’ll keep coming back – just like me!

  • Lily C. March 17, 2012

    "Joanne is the perfect Zumba instructor: she has amazing energy, a fantastic dancer, and she makes it super fun to work out in her class. She is my inspiration to better my health and have fun doing it. I go to two of her classes and looking forward to another morning class in the summer. I encourage everyone to give her class a try and you will be hooked ! "

  • Adrienne M. March 16, 2012

    "Best Zumba class I've ever taken and it's all thanks to Joanne! Her energy is amazing :)

  • Marilyn V. March 16, 2012

    "Joanne is wonderful. She has so much energy and is always smiling. I find myself laughing and smiling during class. Plus Zumba is a fantastic workout. Love this class!!"

  • anna S. March 15, 2012

    "Johan Di Padua has one of the best classes that I have ever attended. Her class is great because it is a challenge for beginners but yet allows the advanced students to still get a great workout. She has very fun and popular music that keep you moving your feet. Even if you think that you are not good at dancing don't let that keep you from this class because we all have a great time together. "

  • kelci J. March 15, 2012

    "I have taken several different Zumba classes by several different instructors and BY FAR, HANDS DOWN Joanne's classes are the BEST!!! She has the BEST energy and she makes class SO FUN!Not mention at $5.00 a class, she has the BEST price around! Now if I could only dance like her... :)"

  • Judith B. March 15, 2012

    "Love her class. I am close to 68 years of age and love the class. Johan always says to go your own pace that is best for you and I do. I don't feel bad about not doing a lot of jumps, I feel great when I am done. I don't exercise a lot and I feel so good that I am doing this class. I feel so much better and beginning to see the results in my body. Thank you Johan for doing this class at a great price!"

  • Caroline T. March 15, 2012

    "I would give Joanne more stars if I could. Absolutely the best Zumba class I've ever been too. I been taking her classes for about a year and a half and it is my FIX for cardio, dancing and fun. I highly recommend her classes. She explains the moves well, an excellent teacher, enthusiastic and motivating. You will have fun, become more fit, learn great dance moves and lose weight!"

  • Bonny K. March 15, 2012

    "Joanne is the best in the South Bay. I go to 5 to 8 Zumba classes weekly. Out of the twenty or so instructors, she gets more steps on my pedometer than anyone else. She keeps me challenged and I love that! Joanne smiles and has fun through the entire class it's infectious. Love her!"

  • Fernanda G. August 5, 2011

    "These classes are wonderful!!! Joanne has such a great personality she makes us feel happy and energized with her workout. On her classes she engages our body and soul to work together making us burn tons of calories without feeling it."

  • Jennifer L. August 2, 2011

    "JoAnne is a wonderful and the best zumba instructor.
    Try her class, and you will love it!"

  • Lisa B. August 1, 2011

    "Joanne is a great instructor, and her Zumba class is a lot of fun. She's very warm, and brings her energy and enthusiasm to class - it's contagious!"

  • Erin G. August 1, 2011

    "JoAnne is the best Zumba teacher in the South Bay- Her energy is contagious! Great music- and she is always happy. There are days when I drag myself to class thinking I hope I can find the energy for this- but as soon as the music starts- she gets us all moving and you forget everything else!

    This is the best work out to get your sweat on- have fun and see results! Other teachers cannot compare! "

  • Caroline H. May 3, 2011

    "Absolutely the BEST Zumba class you can find!!! Joanne's class is fun, exciting, and fast paced. If you like dancing, you will like this class. If you aren't a dancer but are looking for a great work-out, this class is for you too. I always loved dancing, but between my career and my kids I hadn't danced for 18 years before I started going to Joanne's class. A friend of mine recommended it to me, and I was hooked after the first class. The music that Joanne picks for the class is fun and it keeps you moving. She mixes different kinds of dance moves, and keeps her class fresh by regularly changing the songs. Joanne is a great teacher! Her enthusiasm will keep you moving and keep you coming back.

    I have been going to Joanne's class regularly for about 10 months. I also add some cardio and weight training after the class, and the Zumba class helped reignite my interest in work-out. My body is more toned, more lean, and I feel that I am in a better shape than I have been for a long time. There are a lot of moms in her class, and we keep coming back because the class makes us feel better both physically and mentally.

    After I had my second child 4 years ago, I developed a severe shoulder pain. Until about a year ago, I was receiving cortisone shots regularly and going to physical therapy a few times a week. My orthopedic surgeon recommended that I consider surgery to repair my shoulder. When I first started going to Joanne's class, I could do most of the moves with my left arm only. I remember that I sometimes felt pain in my right shoulder in the class, but it wasn't too severe so I kept going. It was only a few weeks later that I started being able to move both arms freely in the dance. A few months later, my shoulder pain improved significantly and I was dancing freely in her class. Now, 10 months since I started, I feel no pain in my shoulder any more. No more physical therapy or cortisne shots:) And I have Joanne to thank for this huge improvement in my life.

    So, try Joanne's class! Whether you are new to Zumba or have been to other Zumba classes, you will love Joanne's class!"

  • Juli K. April 15, 2011

    "Joanne is a truly exceptional dance instructor and dancer. I stumbled into her class at my gym and have been hooked ever since. I have always been afraid to dance but she makes the class so inviting. I am a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist for over 15 years and I have worked out hard my whole life but this is the hardest and most fun workout ever. I'm going 3-5 x a week and I love it! Joanne makes the class amazing. I have taken Zumba from one other teacher but it wasn't nearly as fun. Joanne is a star teacher and dancer. Her kindness and enthusiasm are contagious. Love this class!!! And...at over 40 now my body is changing and for once it's for the better thanks to Joanne and Zumba!! Juli Keene, CN JuliKeene.com"

  • ZUMBA F. March 21, 2011