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Jeremy Oneail

Jeremy Oneail

Amesbury, MA

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Services: Swordsmanship

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Jeremy Oneail is the founder and lead instructor ( Maestro in Italian) of the Academy of Knightly Arts; a school dedicated to training people in the deadly art of warfare in the 15th century.

He has been participating in medieval sword fighting groups since 1991. After attending seminars on medieval martial arts by Bob Charron and Fred Pireaux, Jeremy used his knowledge and background to start to develop the curriculum of the Academy. The school officially opened in 2003. The school and curriculum have both evolved as more and more becomes apparent in the study of the art. The Academy focuses on unarmoured longsword fighting but also includes armoured combat, unarmed fighting, dagger fighting and pole weapons.

Jeremy has competed in full contact armoured competitions all over the world, as well as with the Society for Creative Anachronism, where he is a Knight.

Jeremy started horse riding in 1999 and learned how to joust with the Freelancers based out of Tennessee in 2004 with full contact, solid lance, jousting. He has since competed in Canada, Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. He has also become the official USA representative of the International Jousting Association in which he is a level 4 international jouster and instructor, the highest level that can be currently obtained. He is a knight in the Society for Creative Anachronism (their highest marshal award). He is currently a ranked competitor in the International Jousting League, the International Broadsword League and the International Armoured Combat League which he helped create.

Jeremy has most recently been brought onto the Board of Directors of the International Combat League.

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  • Megan F. January 10, 2011

    "I participate in the Long Sword classes. They are always fun, energetic and educational, as well as a great work out! I have absolutely fallen in love with the sport of full-contact sword fighting, and couldn't ask for a better instructor. The Academy also hosts seminars, tournaments, fundraisers and also invites students to events at other locations. There are so many opportunities available to learn and have fun doing it!"