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Jamie Best

Jamie Best

La Grange, KY

" Violet Breath Reiki"

Services: Reiki / Energy Work

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I am a certified Reiki Master trained in Usui, Kofutu and Huna Reiki.

Visit http://www.violetbreathreiki.com/2011/05/make-an-appointment/ to book an appointment with me.

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  • Mandy P. May 12, 2012

    "This is my second one-hour treatment with Jamie and I feel amazing. I initially sought out Reiki for my endometrial pain and lower back pain. I felt considerable relief after my first treatment and even further relaxation on my second. My eight year old son also benefited from Reiki from Jamie. He is sleeping more soundly and is less anxious. We've even seen an improvement with his reading fluency. He says he feels "less fuzzy." I'm glad I found Jamie's practice. I would highly recommend her and Reiki. "

  • Ashley M. August 7, 2011

    "I personally went into Jamie's office slightly nervous and scared of what results I would get, but a minute into the session I was amazed! I am a very highly stressed person with a large emotional load. I experienced amazing relaxation, comfort, and a spiritual enlightenment all within 40 minutes! Jamie has a gift and I would not go anywhere else or trust anyone else to perform Reiki on my family or myself!! All in all AMAZING!!!! "

  • Jennifer J. July 19, 2011

    "When I had a very major surgery January 2011 I was told by doctors that it would take months for me to heal enough to return to work or resume any kind of strenuous activity. Jamie was very kind and came to my home to do a few Reiki sessions while I recovered. Prior to the first session I was unable to sleep due to all the pain and being extremely uncomfortable, but after the first session I slept for an entire evening without waking up. I became more comfortable. When I went to my first post op exam my doctor was surprised at how well I was recovering. By week five after the surgery I was out running around and even went on a hiking adventure to Natural Bridge. I was told not to do anything other than light walking for at least six months. The surgeons are very impressed with my recovery and I owe all of it to Jamie's reiki talents. Not only did I recover months sooner than expected, but I am calmer after a session and I feel better about myself. It's a great burst of artistic energy combined with relaxation. I highly recommend Violet Breath Reiki!


  • Linda G. July 18, 2011

    "I discovered Jamie's skills in the worst possible situation -- in public, on a table in the middle of a vendor's display for health and wellness. But, amazingly, when I closed my eyes, I could tell where Jamie's hand were located, as I could actually feel the heat -- the energy movement was intense.

    I later had an appointment with her in a quieter environment, and it probably was the most productive Reiki work I've had done to date. I was having gall bladder issues, and I truly believe her work helped me to keep the issue at bay until I could have surgery. I'm looking forward to more "energy" work, now that I'm healed. Beyond this -- I'm thrilled to find such a skilled Reiki practitioner in such a small town!"