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Ilana Muhlstein

Ilana Muhlstein

Santa Monica, CA

" Mixed Level, Power, Gentle, & Prenatal Yoga "

Services: Yoga

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  • Shira E. July 13, 2011

    "I am a mother of four who recently gave birth. Ilana gave me prenatal lessons throughout my pregnancy. She is very gentle and professional. It was an amazing experience that really got me through pregnancy and, I believe, helped me with the labor and recovery. I recommend Lana wholeheartedly and know that all future mothers will have an experience with her. "

  • Kimmie R. February 28, 2011

    "I was not expecting the magic that arrived during our private session. I assumed, like most yoga teachers, Ilana was gifted, but it was astonishing her insights and language that flowed with the instructions. IF I lived near, this would be weekly, bi-weekly for she is very rare."

  • Abby W. December 21, 2010

    "Ilana has been advising me on healthy eating and fitness habits for four years now. Her positive and encouraging energy always makes me excited to get moving and learn more about healthy living. Her knowledgebase is bottomless- she is a walking encyclopedia of creativity, science, health facts and case studies! Her passion shines through in everything that she does and she truly has others best interests at heart. If I hadn't met Ilana I would be 40 pounds heavier and a thousand times unhappier. With Ilana's help I have literally and figuratively stretched beyond the limits I had set for myself. I recommend that all my friends and family work with Ilana to better their lives and become happier people. "

  • Oleg B. December 18, 2010

    "To Whom It May Concern:

    I’ve had the pleasure of taking Ilana Fishof’s yoga classes, and I can truly say they have changed my life forever. I jumped into her classes mid-September with absolutely no yoga experience whatsoever, and by the end of the first class, I was hooked. I’ve never felt as clean, relaxed, healthy, and energized all at once as I did after each and every one of Ilana’s classes. She does a great job of balancing both the physical and mental aspect of yoga throughout her classes. Not only did I get the best body stretch of my life, but my mind was able to escape for an hour, stress free and completely relaxed. She takes you on a journey in which you can literally feel your entire mind and body simply getting better in every aspect. Her emphasis on challenging yourself while not exceeding your boundaries inspires natural self-motivation that sticks in your mind and becomes part of the sub conscious, and before you know it you’re standing there doing things you never thought your body was capable of. Her voice has a tendency to take control of your mind and relax you while keeping you focused on the goal. The best part was, I took things I learned in her class and was able to apply them to my everyday life. I became more focused on work, while staying more relaxed, which was crucial during stressful times at the office. It made me want to respect my body and want to keep it clean. It’s amazing how I felt myself getting better and better every class. It kept me wanting more and more. At the end of every one of Ilana’s class I felt a body high unlike anything I’ve felt before. Ever since then, yoga has been a major part of my life, and I can’t live without it. However, unfortunately for me and my strenuous traveling schedule, I’ve yet to find another instructor as enthusiastic and passionate about yoga as Ilana Fishof.

  • Salvatore M. December 18, 2010

    "I met Ilana while we were classmates at the University of Maryland and we have continued our friendship beyond our graduation. Ilana recommended that I attend her Powerfit Yoga classes she would be leading in the spring semester, yet, having no yoga experience and being doubtful of its benefits, I was weary of starting. Although I had to bring a friend the first couple of classes, I believe that yoga has benefited me greatly both mentally and physically.

    Ilana’s Powerfit Yoga classes was great and I have nothing but positive experiences from my time in her class. Although I was intimidated about starting yoga due to my inflexibility, I felt as if Ilana’s classes were at a pace where I could learn without feeling rushed. Ilana led the classes by speaking very clearly, setting a peaceful tone, and encouraging us to step outside our comfort zones. After starting with simple breathing exercises and teaching the class about how yoga could help us, I always felt uplifted and accomplished after finishing her class. I also felt as if each class had a unique aspect and that I learned something new; not to mention the humorous tidbits to help the class relieve its stress.

    One of the most helpful lessons I received from Ilana was when all of the yoga classes were cancelled during a snowstorm. Ilana invited me and three other beginners over to her apartment to thoroughly teach us the yoga positions she used in her class. After working privately together, I truly understood more about the philosophy behind yoga and how to improve my positions and breathing. This act of generosity truly improved my performance in class as my positions improved, my flexibility began to increase, and my stamina helped me last through the entire classes.

    On another note, I had the opportunity to see Ilana’s passion for yoga – she explained to me that she works on her own to come up with new moves that would be challenging for her recurring students. One of her most important pieces of advice that I took away is that yoga is not meant to be painful, it should be strengthening without straining.

    I truly appreciated the way Ilana handled her Powerfit Yoga classes and feel fortunate to be one of her students. I have tried out another instructor and have not had a similar experience – I always felt as if her genuine uplifting spirit always set a positive tone for the class and I strongly recommend her to be your private or group yoga instructor.

    Salvatore Miragliotta"