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Eugene Hutchinson jr

Eugene Hutchinson jr

South Pasadena, CA

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Services: High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump

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My Name is Eugene Hutchinson jr. I Currently live in Pasadena, CA and my one TRUE Passion is coaching. Growing up my family did not have the money to provide a college education for me...so, I did what came natural. I want to help inspire and create an atmosphere that will help create and foster a competitive attitude without diminishing moral responsibility. Please Check out the "My Experience" Icon, Photos and Videos.

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  • CB R. August 22, 2011

    "We are honored to have Coach Eugene Hutchinson join our track coaching staff here at South Pasadena High in 2011. He is a passionate coach with a relaxed style that quickly and easily connects with young athletes of all levels.

    He brings both the experience as world-class athlete mixed with the coaching knowledge of how to communicate complex jumping instruction in a simple down to earth manner that young athletes find easy to understand. Being able to break down these instructions to athletes level of understanding is key to their fast improvement. His "coach's eye" for details helps correct simple flaws all younger jumpers have in their technique but just don't know how to correct it.

    In the most recent track season of 2011, he helped improve our school jumps program, working with boys & girls 13-18yrs. He coached a freshman girl in 2011 to break a 20+ year old SPHS school record in the High Jump in her first year in track & field. She soared to 5-04 in the HJ and was a step from making the California state meet as only a frosh. He also assisted two boy triple jumpers to break a 70 year old school record with leaps of 46-04 and 47-01 in the triple. Helping then to assist each young man on and off the field, to find their way on to collegiate track teams at UCLA & Oregon in 2012.

    But Coach Eugene's best attribute as a coach is his true dedication to his athletes improvement, not only in the sport but his desire to see his athletes character grow and improve as well. This alone is one of the greatest traits you can find in a coach at any level. We highly recommend Coach Eugene as a private jumps coach for your son or daughter. You just found one of the best jump coaches in Southern California."