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Erik Kluiber

Erik Kluiber

Los Angeles , CA

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Services: Guitar

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I have been teaching guitar for over 12 years. I currently teach at both the School of Rock in Santa Monica, Ca and Guitar Center Studios in Woodland Hills, Ca. I also teach private lessons. I currently play lead guitar for Metal Blade Records recording artist Gypsyhawk. I also performed and recorded with Earache Records artist White Wizzard for the Over the Top album. I graduated the Atlanta Institute of Music in 1996. I studied jazz at Wayne State University in Detroit, Mi in 1999. I specialize in Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal. I'm am very schooled in theory, technique. and most importantly how to play! check out my online lessons at http://www.youtube.com/user/eriklessons
contact me at detkluiber@yahoo.com


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  • Chacko S. July 22, 2012

    "I had sporadically taken 1:1 lessons for guitar in the past prior to finding Erik. This was largely because most guitar teachers wouldn't tailor the lesson material to the type of stuff I wanted to learn. As a child of the 80's, I grew up listening to metal and hard rock and I really wanted to understand not only how to play this music, but also the building blocks for putting together songs of my own. Erik listened to what I wanted to learn and he put together what amounts to a "curriculum" almost - the theory and foundational exercises I need to do to improve my playing, and ties it into songs I've actually heard of...actually, songs I've been dying to learn how to play...and I learn the entirety of the song, including the difficult solos, with Erik explaning all of the unique techniques used throughout. Erik is a master at guitar so he's able to figure anything out, but more important than that, he can break it down and explain it to you, so as a student, it's accessible and you can start putting it together. The best indicator I have of how good Erik is as a teacher is that I've noticed a substantial improvement in my own playing since I started taking lessons from him. On top of that, he's an easy-going, friendly dude...but he won't let you get away with doing less than you're capable of. "

  • Jim Q. July 16, 2012

    "Ive been taking lessons for over 20 years. When I felt as though my playing hit a plateau, I gave Erik a try. Dont be fooled by his mention of Rock and Metal. He can play anything. I wanted to learn Sultans of Swing. He tabbed out 11 pages for me. Note for note, every chord, every solo, every pluck, twang and bend that you hear on that song, he was able to listen to, capture in tab, and teach me the techniques used to play it note for note. Then we moved onto some Ratt. There just isnt anything he cant figure out and explain the theory behind so that you understand it. My only negative comment about him is that he left Detroit and moved to Califonia. Now...Im stuck again. No forward movement.

    Damn it Erik !! Move back to Detroit !!!! "

  • Redd Y. July 2, 2012

    "I have studied with many instructors over my 8 years of playing guitar and found lessons with Erik Kluiber extremely productive and immediately beneficial. He has the ability to hone in on exactly what I was needing to work on and backed all of it up with applicable tips and techniques. With a great understanding of the instrument itself, lessons with Erik (regardless of your ability) are a wise choice in your musical career. "

  • Sam H. July 2, 2012

    "As a product of Generation X and being born and raised in beautiful Los Angeles, California I was greatly influenced by the best rock music to date. So, I always had a fondness for playing the guitar, I was involved in high school guitar class and various teachers along my livelyhood, but never really connected and played well enough for any standards. Somehow or another I was drawn back into the guitar and ran across Erik Kluiber - WOW, after just a few classes/sessions with Erik changed my fondness for the guitar to a deep passion; my playing now, eventhough still clumsy seemed more comprehensive and understood. For once my clumsy playing was just due to lack of practice, but now I understood what I was doing wrong. Erik has not only helped me learn guitar playing, but now have music appreciation. Erik is a greatly gifted player, but a phenomenal teacher."

  • Anthony M. June 29, 2012

    "I played from 11 to 18 with 4 different teachers and put the guitar down for 5 years to revisit again as my favorite hobby. Since then I have had 3 teachers (including Erik and I am still taking lessons with him and loving it). He is by far the best teacher I have ever taken lessons from. As others have mentioned he is very patient (not all teachers are), he makes you feel comfortable even though his playing will blow your mind but he won't make you self-conscious. He knows all the theory and all the modes but always makes sure to focus on the music and the songs/solos you want to learn (every lesson is fun and rewarding). He also has the uncanny ability to listen to any solo you can come up with, write it out in tab and teach it to you as he plays it with perfect execution. I challenge you to find that anywhere else (not going to happen). Don't be fooled by the rock and metal theme here, he focuses on that personally and can teach it well but he can also teach other genres with perfect execution. Erik is the man!!! If you choose another teacher, do so at your own detriment...
    - Anthony -"

  • Jerry C. June 29, 2012

    "My guitar playing skills had hit a plateau and I needed a teacher who could help me break through it and keep me moving forward. Erik taught me the most effective and correct ways to practice. He's very patient and helps guide you through difficult parts and passages your trying to learn. My technique has improved tremendously and I can now play things I never thought I could in the past. If your looking to really improve your chops, theory, rhythm, and shred like a Metal God, Erik can definitely take you to that level. "

  • Ozzy I. June 28, 2012

    "After a few years of playing I finally decided to get some lesson because it seemed i wasn't going anywhere. Erick wasn't the first teacher I had but I would have to say he was the most effective. There wasn't any fake "good job!" or "your doing great", I believe the first thing he told me is why is my pinky is not used wile I got this long finger span. I came in to learn Rock and Metal, but I've learn a lot of theory along side the basic scales and time measures. Basically he really made me work for it and gave enough material to work with. If I didn't have to move from Los Angeles I would be definitely still taking lessons. "

  • Gina G. May 17, 2012

    "I searched forever for guitar teachers. I went from not knowing how to even hold the instrument properly to playing some of my favorite songs within weeks. I chose Erik because he specializes in metal, but I've learned that classic clean songs are much harder to play and I'm glad I've been learning them as I don't want to be a guitarist who can only play two note riffs. He's never rude, even when obviously tired, and always gives notice if having to cancel, which he rarely does. "

  • Aaron M. March 29, 2012

    "Erik is an awesome guitar teacher ! He has helped me so much as a guitar player and as a song writer. If your a rock n roll or metal guitarist and want to improve your skills, this is the guy to go to. Erik makes it really easy to understand and use all the fundamentals of guitar playing!!"