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Donald Alexander

Donald Alexander

Baton Rouge, LA

" Hi-Definition Fitness Co-Owner"

Services: Boot Camp, Speed / Agility Training, Weight And Strength Training

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Donald was born and raised in Winnfield, LA and has been involved in sports and fitness from a young age. He received his Degree from Grambling State University where he attended on football scholarship. The skills Donald has learned through his education and athletic career give him the knowledge to help people achieve their goals. You have to put your body through something you are not used to going through in order to get MAXIMUM RESULTS! INVEST IN YOURSELF, INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH.

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  • Minette A. June 7, 2012

    "I have been a boot camp member of Donald's for 2+ years and I can honestly say that since he is no longer in the Baton Rouge area I have not met another trainer that was as good as Donald. Donald is a motivator and challenged everyone to do and give their best. I am more energetic and have gone down 2 sizes. I have recently joined a gym and because of the discipline and techniques taught by Donald I am proud to say that I am continuing the challenge. I am no longer on certain medications and my blood pressure has been staying in the healty range 120/70. I am keeping the ball rolling and converting to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks Donald!!!"

  • Tiffany C. November 4, 2011

    "Donald is CRAZY!! But he is hands down the best person I've worked with physically. He jumpstarted my walk to a fit lifestyle after I was diagnosed borderline diabetic.

    I am a ball of energy and in the past, most trainers or classes just didn't push me past my max. What made Donald's boot camp the best, besides the obvious fact that it was cost efficient, was he stayed on me. With so many people in the class, I would try to half do certain exercises. But NOT ON HIS WATCH.

    He had a passion for health and fitness, and he knew his stuff! After about 2 months of classes with him plus weightwatchers, I lost about 20 lbs. Even though I moved out of state, his motivation still keeps me focused today!"

  • Roxanna J. October 28, 2011

    "Before joining Donald's boot camp, it had been years since I had done any serious physical activity. I had to find someone who was a great motivator and who would push me to my limits. Well, that's exactly what I got when I signed up! Donald's passion came through in every heartpounding, high intensity session. He encouraged us to put our bodies through things they weren't use to in order to see reults. After seeing just the beginning of my transformation, not only was I motivated to continue, but other friends and coworkers were motivated to join me and they too benefited great. Thanks to Donald, we Worked Hard...Laughed Hard (when we struggled to master certain routines)...Kept the Ball Rolling...and Finished Strong, month after month for a year and a half for myself. I plan to continue to follow his positive advice and...Keep the Ball Rolling!!! "

  • Ebony R. October 23, 2011

    "Donald was a very effective trainer and motivator!!! I wasnt trying to lose weight but rather tone up. As Donald would say "Work Hard or Dont Work at All!" ' that we definitely did! He was tough but it was much appreciated at the end of each GREAT workout! Truly benefited from his service!"

  • Brittany N. October 13, 2011

    "Donald Alexander is a very talented trainer and instructor. Through his one on one trainings and boot camps I was able to shed 60 pounds and numerous inches. His workouts will increase your endurance and help you achieve your fitness goals. He is an awesome motivator and challenges you to push yourself harder every day. He is very passionate about helping other people and if you put forth the effort, he can help you change your life."

  • Stephanie W. October 10, 2011

    "I truly enjoyed Donald's bootcamp classes! He is an awesome motivator. He encouraged me to "keep the ball rolling" at times when I didn't want to! I started the class in March and continued for the rest of the spring and summer months. I saw improvement in my energy levels, inches began to shed, as well as I just started feeling better overall! His energertic personality kept me coming back each time. It was a wonderful experience!"

  • Latikka M. October 5, 2011

    "Donald was a wonderful trainer! Full of energy, enthusiasm and great advice. He extremely knowledgable with a variety of challenging weight loss and fitness strategies; constantly kept me and my fellow bootcamp participants motivated. I would highly recommend you treat yourself and invest in the expertise of Alexander ProFit...you will not regret it! "