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Debbie McCaughtry

Debbie McCaughtry

Waterford, PA

" Shadow Facs Farm Welcome to our sight!"

Services: Horseback Riding

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Horseback Riding

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  • Robin M. March 14, 2011

    "Two of my girls have taken lessons with Deb over the past 5 yrs. Most of the time the girls are there for at least 4 hrs.; cleaning stalls, watering the arena, cleaning tack, grooming horses, etc., and having a lesson. We appreciate how welcoming Deb is; she cares about her students and works hard to help them attain their personal goals. She makes sure her students understand and practice the basics of tack cleaning and horse care. The horses are well cared for, and the whole facility is clean and neat. We highly recommend Deb and Shadow Facs Farm to anyone looking for lessons or boarding."

  • Lily D. March 8, 2011

    "I bought the most amazing horse I hav ever owned from Debbie. She trains him herself and did an outstanding job. I also took lessons from Debbie. She is reliable, professional and will help anyone reach their goals. The best trainer around! Debbie McCaughtry is nothing but excellence. Anyone taking lessons from her should consider themselves extremely fortunate. It's a privilege to work with this equestrian master. "

  • Megan D. March 7, 2011

    My mare was boarded and trained at Shadow Facs Farm with Debb from 2008-2009 (the entire period we lived in Erie, Pennsylvania). My husband and I were relocating, and I found Debb from across the country at which point we started a dialogue. With several conversations (phone and e-mail) I trusted her enough to transport my mare from the deep south to the far north without even having met her in person *gulp*. But I was 100% happy with my decision.

    Debb took me and my mare into training. She taught the mare to accept contact and go properly in a frame (**back to front**). Despite the rodeos involved, (red TB mare), she installed all of the PROPER basics - in the PROPER manner. Debb teaches to horses to WANT to carry themselves properly rather than cram them into a "one-size fits all" mold. She is also happy and willing to teach the rider what they need to do in order to join this union - that it is not all just about having a nice, well trained horse - but you have to be able to RIDE them too. That said, she began to retrain my own basics (converted Hunter rider).

    Debb teaches classical dressage and is VERY good at being able to break down steps into understandable details HOW to do what she asks you. She strives to create a graceful union between horse and rider that is elegant, light and true - NOT forced, heavy and muscled. Debb has been in "the business" for a long time - she is an established horsewoman. I don't expect to see that change anytime soon. Despite her experience, she continues to further herself with literature and riding with other clinicians.

    The barn is kept clean. The horses are in good weight. They are fed high quality grain and hay. Debb is very detail oriented in all aspects of her management. The barn is clean, well kept, and has heated automatic waterers. She has a nice, LARGE, enclosed arena for the long winter months which is ALWAYS kept well groomed and the footing in good condition. The turnouts are large, and have lush nutritious grass (when not covered in snow). None of the turnouts are mud pits - all nice grass. Her farrier also does very good work.

    Overall, I would highly recommend her program for boarding and training. I would be happy to serve as reference - my contact information is available through Debb."

  • Meredith B. March 6, 2011

    "Debbie had my young horse in training for two months last spring. She worked on basic dressage building blocks with Bandit and then worked with me to continue in his training. I've been taking lessons from Debbie for about a year and a half. This past summer, she encouraged me to do my first mini-event and combined test (Bandit's too). We placed first in two competitions! We also did a handful of dressage tests, including a prix-caprilli test (dressage with jumps). Throughout the training process, Debbie is very positive and encouraging. She's also very hands-on during the show/competition process. I find it much more motivating to take lessons from someone who has competed/is competing in the same disciplines. She "practices what she preaches". I would recommend Debbie/Shadow Facs Farm for anyone just starting out or wanting to fine tune their riding skills and those looking to further their competition experience."

  • Jennifer R. March 4, 2011

    "My horse is currently in training with Debbie and I have taken riding lessons from her. Every horse at Shadow Facs Farm is treated as though they are one of her own. Debbie strives to achieve balance and understanding between horse and rider by instilling confidence and teaching students the importance of listening to what your horse is telling you. Instruction is tailored to the individual strengths and weaknesses of the student or horse. Debbie is consistent in her approach and always encourages questions. For casual riders looking to gain or improve skills to competitors looking to improve results I would highly recommend Shadow Facs Farm. "

  • Clement E. March 4, 2011

    "Debbie is a very knowledgable instructor with several years experience. In a short amount of time she was able to make a tremendous differance with my show horse. I am very impressed and would highly recommend Debbie."

  • stephanie J. March 3, 2011

    "i wanted to take a few lessons in dressage and found shadow facs farms in the phone book and gave debbie a call. i was instantly made to feel welcome and made plans for my first lesson. it had been a few years since i had around horses and was gently reminded the things that i had forgotten. i enjoyed my first lesson so much that i made plans to go once a week and continued to take lessons from debbie for the next few year once or twice a week. i learned a ton from debbie and became a better rider than i ever hoped to be and she gave me the confidence to try things that i never thought i would try (ie. jumping) and on top of that i enjoyed just spending time with debbie. as far as teaching, she starts at the basics and then works with you at your own pace (and your mounts) pushing you just enough so that you learn something at every lesson. i fully enjoyed the time i spent at shadow facs farm and it will always be a treasured time in my life.

    if you are looking for a place to board your horse, you can trust debbie with your loved one. she is very particular about horse care and does not do anything second rate....stall cleaning, feeding, turn out....everything is top notch."

  • Jean R. March 3, 2011

    "I have been part of The SFF family off and on since 1991. Debbie is a wonderful instructor. Her ever growing knowledge of dressage and all her accomplishments is just outstanding. The great detail that is taken in teaching a student to properly groom the horse and clean the tack are often procedures that are over looked by other instructors. When it comes to Debbie's instruction in the ring her ability to notice and fine tune all the fine details of your riding are amazing. I would recommend Shadow Facs Farm to anyone looking for a family friendly and safe enviroment. The facility and all that there is to offer is certainly that of a well run buisness. The educatation that a person can learn is limitless. "