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Daniel Shea

Daniel Shea

Chicago, IL

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Services: Guitar, Music Theory, Musical Arrangement, Musical Composition

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I have been playing for about 40 years and teaching for many of those. I have played in and around Chicago and Detroit in different band and solo situations. I have taught kids who are 5 years old to senior citizens. I enjoy sharing what I know with others. Lessons are very relaxed and I am a patient teacher.


acoustic electric

Music Theory

Musical Arrangement

Musical Composition

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  • Sigmund G. December 25, 2010

    "I am a violinist who sometimes plays guitar. I have always played by ear. I know a lot of songs but, never really understood how music worked. At the age of 84, I began studying with Daniel. I have to tell you that now that I know the theory behind what I am playing, things make total sense. Guitar is good for me because I can fool around with chords(unlike violin) and it's a little more portable than a grand piano! So, everything I have learned on guitar I have been able to transfer over to my violin. I can't tell you how much more exciting music is now. And, how does that saying go?, "you can't teach an old.........." "

  • Troy W. December 25, 2010

    "My playing had been stuck in a rut for about two years. I just played my Robin Trower and Van Halen riffs and stagnated. On my first lesson he pointed out several things I could change to make my playing better. He eventually showed me the modes of the major scale and taught me how to figure out any song that I wanted to play. He also showed me how chords are built. I am now out of my rut and going crazy learning Jazz and Brazilian tunes. Thanks, Dan"

  • Linda T. December 25, 2010

    "I started taking guitar lessons with Dan years ago and he is a very patient, thorough guitar teacher. He goes through all the basics so you have a good understanding of not only how to play, but the construction of a guitar, etc. He loves music and it's very inspiring to learn from him. He considers himself a student too even though he's an amazing player so it just goes to show how how contagious his enthusiasm is! I highly recommend him as a teacher!"