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Dakao Do

Dakao Do

Houston, TX

" Swordsman, Martial Artist, and Traceur"

Services: Freerunning / Parkour, Kung Fu, Swordsmanship

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My goal for myself and my students / training partners is to create recreational action heroes! :)

I strive to maintain realism and practicality in my training, but I also realize we train our best and hardest when we enjoy what we do.

I have taught European swordsmanship and other physical / fighting arts for thirteen years. I run weekly classes for the Houston branch of Sword to Sword, a European martial arts club that competes and hosts events internationally.

Weapons I enjoy training and teaching: German longsword, sword and shield, Italian rapier, staff, dagger, poleaxe, and cane/walking stick.

My background in martial arts includes: baguazhang kung fu, wing chun, aikido, muay thai, and capoeira.

I have also trained and taught parkour since 2007. My parkour interest emphasizes self-defense, urban escape/evasion/survival, and combative techniques. I often teach and train parkour in conjunction with other martial arts.

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  • Chris Z. August 2, 2011

    "When I started training I didn't know the first thing about proper technique.

    I did a search on places to practice Parkour in Houston, stumbled upon the Texas Parkour website, learned their training times and locations, met Dakao and he helped me to climb my way to Hunter-Zombie-worthy skills.
    Not to mention many other people's lives that he, and several other instructors, helped change for the better.

    I hold Mr. Do in quite high regard and greatly recommend his services as a Betterist and otherwise."