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Catherine Xu

Catherine Xu

San Diego, CA

" Welcome to my Site..."

Services: Style Consulting / Fashion Styling, Wedding / Special Events Dancing

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A unforgettable statement by Bill Sofield is "Real glamour is rooted in practicality ", well, I am a fan of GLAMOUR. I tell evey client: You can dress yourself to glamour, you can decorate your home to glamour, and you can live your life glamorously.

It is simply"casual elegance", it refers to natural ease and simplicity of having great style, making it effortless.

And I want to help you to get a NEW LOOK by screening your closet, designing a styling lookbook and shopping with you.

Step 1- Let's talk, no matter what dream ideas you have for the upcoming dress-up occasion, I would love to hear and contribute inputs.

Step 2-Let's make things happen. With budget or with infinite backup, I am a real executor with attention to details and desire to meet perfection

Step 3- Let's make you and your life more beautiful!

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  • David V. November 4, 2010

    "I had an excellent time shopping with Catherine. She picked some shirts I'd never have selected for myself and they looked really good on me. She explained how to find clothes that flatter my figure, make me look younger and more approachable and will be more versatile in my wardrobe that pieces I would choose otherwise. She also made suggestions I can follow-up on another time even without her guidance. "

  • David V. November 2, 2010

    "Catherine came and examined each and every garment I own. First she helped me divest myself of several garments which didn't fit, were the wrong color for me, were worn-out or I otherwise didn't need. I appreciated her straightforward communication style even when she forbid me wearing my favorite t-shirt outside of the house. While everything was laid out on the bed, she helped me coordinate several outfits that look good together, and taught me how to create more. Catherine knows color and how to work with it. She explained how clothing makes statements and how to use clothes to show the good parts of my figure while minimizing the my big pot belly. She explained how some basic pieces are central to a wardrobe (like a gray t-shirt) and others (like a flashy collared shirt) are for more specific purposes - I think she called it a "flirt shirt". While she's a fashionista and I'm a man's man, she made the basics of fashion intelligible interesting and fun."