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Charlton Hall

Charlton Hall

Greenville, SC

" Mindfulness-Based Family Therapy..."

Services: ADD / ADHD, Anger Management, Dating / Relationship Coaching, Domestic Abuse / Violence Counseling, Fear / Anxiety Disorders, Parenting, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Counseling, Substance Abuse

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I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in South Carolina.
My approach to therapy involves helping individuals and families to facilitate change through Mindfulness techniques in a non-judgmental, client-centered, positive environment.

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  • Jennie R. December 4, 2012

    "I went to Mr. Hall after my husband died, and he helped me very much. He was very understanding and compassionate."

  • Kenaz F. September 27, 2011

    "I had the pleasure of encountering the sole proprietor of this business online in a political discussion. He began accusing me repeatedly of being a "Christian Dominionist terrorist" -- he's also a self-proclaimed "Druid" -- a "transvestite," and a "child molester," among other things.

    When I laughed at these allegations, he began threatening to call the FBI for "stalking and harassment." He then sent numerous unwanted communications after he was told to cease and desist, and followed up with an attempted e-mail bombing, signing my e-mail address up to over 100 different mailing lists.

    I believe this man is mentally unstable, volatile and potentially dangerous. I have serious concerns for anyone who actually signed up for "therapy" with him: I have no doubt that he would use material he gained in therapeutic confidence to score points in an online flame war and would recommend that you stay far, far away from him.

    I have forwarded a copy of the unwanted communications - including the mail-bombing - to the South Carolina Board of Labor, License and Regulation (he is license #4525). I am also making my experience public in the hopes that others are able to avoid trouble. Forewarned is forearmed."