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Brian Poole

Brian Poole

Henderson, NV

" Reiki ~ Energy Facilitation"

Services: Reiki / Energy Work

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I am a reiki master who has been studying/practicing reiki for 9+ years. Included with a daily regimen of self-healing, I also do yoga, meditate and live a healthy balanced life style. I do this to insure that I am clear as possible so that facilitation will be maximized.

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  • Lauren R. December 18, 2012

    "Brian is a very gifted individual and he shares his gifts with a heart wide open! It is evident when you talk to Brian about Reiki, or other aspects of the Healing Arts, that he not only loves what he does, but has also spent years educating himself and learning about both the subtle and more complex nature of this modality. The times I have received a Reiki treatment from Brian have always been peaceful, healing, and an overall great experience. Brian brings a high level of professionalism to his practice with a focus on making the client comfortable, and creating a welcoming environment. Whether you are familiar with Reiki or are trying it for the first time, you are sure to have an amazing experience with Brian facilitating! "

  • Catie C. August 26, 2011

    "Brian and Sharruss brought me to a feeling a comfort before the session even started. I left with such a calm and peaceful feeling and better understanding of the intention of practicing Reiki. I will definitely go back because this was such a positive experience for me. My mind and body were both attended to equally. I felt a better connection to the people in my life as well as to those I do not know once I left. Keep up the good work!!"

  • Matt D. August 11, 2011

    "Brian is a great Reiki practitioner.... my first experience was very powerful and has inspired me to become a practitioner as well. i usually feel great but everytime i leave a Reiki session i feel twice as good.... walking on clouds :-). i would recommend this service to anyone in whatever condition..... u really have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

  • Jen K. June 12, 2011

    "What a wonderful experience! I will be back for another session with Brian! I had always wanted to experience Reiki and was very excited for my first session, yet didn't know what to expect. He has such a calming demeanor and I felt at ease right away. I wasn't expecting to feel anything during my session, maybe just a relaxed feeling like after a massage. I will just say that every person's experience is different, but I could actually feel the energy flow while Brian was working and it was just amazing...it affirmed to me that there is a life force around us and Brian is very talented at what he does. Thank you so much, I loved my first Reiki session. I will be back for another soon!"

  • Clare K. May 15, 2011

    "I saw Brian last week and have been telling my family and friends how great it was. I hope they make an appointment with him, because I would LOVE for all of them to have the experience that I did. I went in the morning and was feeling stressed from work. I laid down and immediately felt his 'magic' working. I have been to a half a dozen other reiki centers and practitioners and this was my favorite session. I left feeling amazingly euphoric. I feel so lucky to have been referred to him. I will definitely be seeing Brian again!"

  • Shawna B. March 10, 2011

    "Brian introduced me to Reiki a few years ago and did a few of sessions on me. During a period where I was needing emotional support and healing, Brian's energy work helped tremendously. I remember vividly our first session -- I arrived feeling sad and low and left feeling energized and HAPPY! I am so grateful for Reiki and Brian =)"

  • Sharruss H. March 7, 2011

    "Reiki has been a different experience for me every session. The miraculous thing about Reiki is that healing has been provided exactly where it's been needed every time. There were times I thought it was much needed in one area only to find out healing was needed more in another. It's continuosly proven to be an uplifting experience that literally leaves me feeling "lighter" after every session. I am a parent to an active 7 year old boy and the sessions also allow me quiet my mind and be at peace with the energies of the world. I truly believe that everyone can benefit from Reiki as it's results are on such an individual level. Brian has shined as a brilliant vessel simply for the healing to take place. I highly recomend it! "

  • Mike V. March 4, 2011

    "Brian's keen attention to details and creating a relaxing environment was the best thing about my first session with him.
    My life changed and my stress level has decreased since then and I can tell you that you will experience this to.
    If this is possibly your first time with Reiki, relax, speak what is on your mind and what is going on with your body. This only Helps Brian to open your channels up and bring all levels of pain and stress way down.

    Mike "

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