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Mizz Lucy Morals

Mizz Lucy Morals

Tempe, AZ

" VaVaVoom! Burlesque & Dance Phoenix AZ"

Services: Burlesque Dancing

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Attend Mizz Lucy's School for Wayward Souls where she teaches the slow scintillating tease of burlesque mingled with frisky dance moves and rousing stage presence. VaVaVoom's signature style comes from material from cabarets, speakeasies, and peep shows.
Mizz Lucy even sends her Wayward Souls off to "charm school" where she helps these ne'er do wells develop the look, the confidence and the character needed to sell the fantasy of burlesque. Awaken the lost vamp inside and learn some sexy moves for the boudoir or to join the peep show! Mizz Lucy takes you under her feathered and manicured wing, & teaches you how to VaVaVoom!

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  • Sylvie S. June 30, 2013

    "Mizz Lucy and her troupe are wonderfully supportive and experienced teachers! The energy and care they put into their students' development and education is exceptional. I'd recommend their classes to anyone!"

  • Susan H. June 26, 2013

    " Lucy Morals is an awesome teacher! If you're thinking of taking a class, I highly recommend hers. She makes you comfortable, and you know you're in a safe place. She is very supportive and understanding. She knows all the reasons women (and men) take Burlesque classes. She is amazing and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her as in instructor. "

  • Jessie V. November 27, 2012

    "VaVaVoom's classes are done in a relaxed, supportive environment. Whether you're beginning your dance development or trying something different, this studio definitely has something to teach you. Focus is made on every aspect including going through the moves safely, and refining moves to make them look nicer. Their classes will assist you in building a stage persona or bringing out your inner sex kitten, whether you're ready to share that with your husband/boyfriend or a crowd of hundreds!"

  • Dhevlyn S. December 29, 2011

    "Mizz Lucy taught my Intro class--I learned so much from her!! She's full of wonderful burlesque knowledge and is very enthusiastic. I always felt comfortable in class and always left class each week with a smile on my face looking forward to the next class! We got started on our own individual burlesque characters/personalities, and received many VERY helpful tips, advice, and some really great ideas.

    Ruby Revolver taught my first Level One Choreography class--thank you for teaching us the moves!! And keeping us thinking about stage presence and making it all such a positive experience (I've been in a few musicals, and when learning choreo--I'd always felt like I was in boot camp, and HAD to be JUST like everyone else, which is kind of disheartening). I enjoyed that Ruby encouraged us to learn the moves then make them our own (for our characters) while teaching us how to keep that balanced with the actual dance and your fellow dancers.

    I have not yet had any classes with Maxi Millions as of yet, but I hear that she's an absolutely fantastic instructor--which I can definitely see exhibited by her students and their performances.

    Overall, taking VaVaVoom! Arizona Burlesque Classes has been one of the best decisions EVER!!!!! Thank you ladies!!!! And for anyone considering....STOP just considering and sign up!!! You will NOT regret in at all--and it's SO much fun!! :)"

  • Duski M. December 28, 2011

    "I took burlesque class with Vavavoom after seeing their show. I had fallen in love with their vintage style, their lace and glitter, and the classy way they flashed their ta tas! ...And so I wanted to taste a little of that glam and confidence for myself. From the first day of intro class forward, instructors reiterated the message every woman is beautiful and strictly maintained an encouraging environment. They helped me feel safe trying on my sass and sexy tease with some basic moves at first and later, when followed up the intro class with a level I course, with a choreographed routine. Again, class is super safe. We never get undressed in level I which is as far as I've gotten so far. I haven't gotten on a stage yet but, regardless of what becomes of my burlesque career, I looked amazing in the last family photo angling my torso and holding up my chest in a posture they taught me. Also, I credit burlesque for inspiring me to step up my underwear game. (I have completely put an end practice of buying cotton briefs in shrink wrapped multipacks.) Anyway, love Vavavoom! Have already referred friends. And thanks especially to instructor Ruby Revolver for making me feel so loved and welcome in her class. "

  • Renee M. December 25, 2011

    "This last session, which completed my 5th choreography class, was taught by Miss Ruby Revolver. I love her teaching style, which is so encouraging and easy to follow. She recognizes our improvements and gives us lots of praise and her constructive criticism is so helpful, without feeling like we are actually doing anything wrong. She knows how to evaluate the student and tell us what we need to hear/do to improve a move, and her confidence is contagious. She is always willing to step in and show us her way of doing a certain move or part of the dance, and knows how to word it so we understand the feeling that goes with each move, so that we aren't just doing the moves, but feeling them as well. She knows every role in the group dances so that she can easily show each student how their part in the group is performed while giving us the space to make it our own. I can't wait to take classes from her in the future. "

  • Dhevlyn S. December 19, 2011

    "This is the most amazing experience!! I have always admired the art of burlesque, but lacked the courage to actually try it myself. I heard about Mizz Lucy's classes and thought here's my chance--it's a safe environment and you not only learn the history of burlesque, you get to learn some moves. After attending Intro and one session of Level One Choreography, I'm ready for the next session and truly looking forward to getting to express myself! :)

    As for the teachers...

    I had Mizz Lucy Morals herself for Intro--she's very well informed and quite an inspiration. She helped me find what it was I was wanting to express through burlesque, thank you!!

    I had Ruby Revolver for my first session of L1 Choreo--she's very thorough and has a knack for explaining how to do a move in many different ways so that everyone is on the same page. She makes the environment a comforting yet challenging one, thank you!!

    I have not had Maxi Millions as a teacher, but from what I've observed from portions of her students performances and from what I've heard from her students--she's a wonderful teacher that makes burlesque dancing fun and accessible to all who come to learn, thank you!!

    All in all, this is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!! "

  • Shirley W. September 11, 2011

    "I've taken burlesque classes from Mz Lucy for years, in spite of being over-weight & pushing 50! I've never tried auditioning for her professional troupe, though she always gives me pointers just in case I ever consider it. It makes me feel good that she'd actually consider me - and that's one reason I keep coming back, because of the self-confidence in myself that I'm developing. You always hear "Everyone's beautiful, just in different ways", but you never really believe it. Lucy Moral's V3 burlesque classes show you how to dress up, bling out, and (if you wish) take it off. I'm not seeing anyone currently that has benefited from that, but there probably will be someday. And who knows, I may even audition! "

  • Pierce M. September 8, 2011

    "Mizz Lucy and Ruby Revolver are two of the best teachers there. They are energetic, fun, and bring a level of excitement to the classes that is hard to find anywhere else. They help you set goals for yourself and for your group overall to better you as a performer, your self esteem and your perspective on life overall."

  • Marina G. September 6, 2011

    "I have taken classes taught by Lucy Morals as well as Maxi Millions. I have always loved burlesque and didn't know where to start until I happened upon the classes on the web. I have taken Intro and level one classes and they are amazing. These teachers are professional, funny, and motivating. You are in more than just a dance class when you take classes with these teachers, you step into a community of empowering women and tons of girlie fun. Highly recommend taking a class! Also, I hear Ruby Revolver is now teaching a class or two, and I'd imagine she is just as amazing as the aforementioned. "

  • Tracy T. March 19, 2011

    "I started taking VaVaVoom classes with Lucy Morals and Maxi Millions a little over a year ago. I hadn't had much dance experience at all. I started with Intro and worked through to Performance Prep. The classes are taught in a private studio setting and cover everything, and I mean everything. Costume tips and tricks, shopping resources, makeup for stage, dancer lines, confidence and character building, choosing music, as well as group and solo choreography. All this added up to a truly life-changing, empowering experience. Now I perform regularly on the big stage!"

  • Renee M. March 5, 2011

    "I just completed my second course of burlesque dance, this time by Lucy herself. She is an amazing teacher, teaches the choreography very well and shows us how things are supposed to look and whether or not we are doing them right. She also gives great encouragement when we are improving, making each of her students feel good about themselves, at least in my experience. She is caring and goes out of her way to make sure we are being the best we can be, not just in the dance but as a person and in our lifestyles, including health-wise. If something comes up that she doesn't have an answer to, she does her homework and finds that answer, and gives us each personalized attention geared toward helping us develop our characters, our skills and our abilities to do the moves and the dances. She invites us to outside events and makes us feel welcome, and somehow manages to keep all us wayward grrlz in step, as long as we are willing to do our homework as well and to work hard. She asks what we have gotten out of the classes and if there are any areas we specifically want to work on, then does her best to accommodate us. I'm not entirely sure she's not a femmbot, except for the evil part--she's definitely on the side of good, though naughty at times ;). "

  • Renee M. December 18, 2010

    "Well she wasn't my specific teacher, but she came in and offered many tidbits that really helped give a well-rounded introduction to burlesque. I have only so far taken intro, but she knows her stuff, and then some, and isn't afraid to tell it like it is, whether you like it or not. This is a blessing (in disguise if you don't like criticism) because if there's something about what you are doing that is wrong or she doesn't like, she lets you know, but always in a gracious, friendly manner. I've loved every chance I've had so far to learn from her, and can't wait for the next stage in my burlesque education. Much of the stuff she's taught us could also benefit bellydancers, which is what I also do, and I just wish I had known what I know now just from a 7 week course taught by her amazing student Maxi. Lucy came in and threw in more than just her two cents, and I always left class with a smile on my face. "

  • Marina G. December 18, 2010

    "Great teacher, motivating, funny, and inspiring. I have only taken one class so far and i have learned sooo much, I cant wait for more in the future! This is the class to take and the teacher to have if you want to learn how to Vavavoom your life!"

  • Laura B. December 18, 2010

    "I took two different Belly Dance classes with Lucy. One called Fundamentals, for total beginners. She breaks down the moves into easy to understand explanations and then gives time for lots of practice and gives encouragement. I also took her Tribal class, and that class had great energy. Lots of fun learning the cues and dancing with other people. I also learned how to count music.... I had NO dance experience at all when I started this class, and while I was never the best student in the room I feel that I learned a lot, and improved a lot during the time I spent in Belly Dance. I would, and have reccomened the class to friends. "

  • Laura B. December 18, 2010

    "I've spent the last 8 weeks in Miss Lucy's Intro to Burlesque class. This is a great class for beginners because you don't need any dance experience to get started. She'll teach you everything, and is very good at explaining moves step-by-step until you get it. Lucy is body positive, and everyone is welcome in this class. Your age doesn't matter, and she doesn't expect you to have a perfect body in order to feel sexy and confident about yourself. I'm moving on to the next level and have already reccomended her classes to friends of mine, two of whom signed up and are loving it! Her Burlesque classes sell-out fast, so sign up now if you have any desire to try this. "

  • How much are your classes and how long do they last?

    We offer 8 week sessions of one hour per week and the rate is $95 for the eight week session. We also offer private lessons for $40 per hour. We are also able to be booked privately for workshops and seminars.

  • Where are your classes?

    We hold our weekly classes in Tempe at a lovely dance studio, Plaza de Anaya. 480 894 8777

  • Are there men in your classes?

    We offer both, women-only classes and mixed gender classes. We are presently building our male student base and hope to offer male-only classes in Fall of 2013.

  • I'm old/out of shape/have no dance experience/am shy (take your pick- we have heard em all!). Do I belong here?

    First of all- WAY TO GO! The first step to feeling better is by moving your body! Our classes are geared for all levels from total novice and 2 left footers to advanced, professionals who want to dance on stage. We cater to adults only as there is adult content in our classes but yes- beginners are welcome and encouraged to try burlesque. It's an amazing journey to confidence.

  • What do I wear or bring to classes?

    Wear comfortable workout attire like what you'd wear to a yoga class. Bring water. Any other accessories needed are outlined once your full paid registration is received. We also offer a written syllabus and many many helpful links and outlets to pursue more about burlesque.

  • Who will be my teacher?

    Mizz Lucy Morals is the headmistress of our school and primary instructor. She also features Maxi Millions who has been teaching for Mizz Lucy's School for Wayward Souls since 2011. Ruby Revolver is another certified instructor however, at time of this printing, is on hiatus from teaching, temporarily.

  • Can I see a performance sometime to see if this style is right for me?

    Absolutely! We do our valley famous Hanky Panky Revue shows about every 3-4 months where we showcase our students and some of our troupe members. We also have our professional troupe VaVaVoom! performing in shows regularly such as Romantasy Cabaret. You should definitely come see what we are all about.

  • What exactly is burlesque?

    It began as a form of mocking and pointing fun at society's stuffy norms and expectations. We can trace burlesque back to the 1800s and even beyond when we consider some of Shakespeare's works. But most notably, nowadays burlesque is considered the classic art of tease; it's more about the drawn out flirtation than it is about baring all. It's about women and men of varying shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, exploring their gender, sexuality, confidence and showmanship. It's not only about the glitter and glitz but that is surely one of the most fun parts!

  • My question isnt in here. How do I reach you?

    You can find Mizz Lucy Morals and her troupe VaVaVoom! Burlesque & Dance on Facebook. Or shoot a question over by way of Betterfly.

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