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Arber O. Deda

Arber O. Deda

Brooklyn, NY

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Services: Baseball, Basketball, Bodybuilding, Boxing, Core Conditioning, Golf, Healthy Eating / Nutrition, Soccer, Weight And Strength Training, Weight Loss

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Arber O. Deda is a Certified Personal Trainer, who having experienced his own health and weight problems, has dedicated himself to providing those who seek a lifestyle change through exercises with the proper direction and motivation to, not only change their lives for the better, but to maintain the change.

A native of Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo, Arber came to the United States in 1996. While living in Europe, he had an eclectic fitness background in various sports, including soccer, basketball, track and field, and swimming. On arriving in New York, his healthy physique dissipated and he gained over twenty pounds of fat. Vowing to get back in shape, he joined a local gym and began seriously applying himself to training and good nutrition. This transformation became his passion and he studied to become a personal trainer, to assist other on their journey to health and wellbeing.

Arber is certified as a personal trainer by the International Sports Science Association and specializes in body mechanics, postural alignment, core stability, meticulous execution of exercises, body symmetry and beautification, fat loss and nutrition. Arber also holds a certification in flexibility from the Reebok University.

Arber is experienced in training professional bodybuilders and athletes, novices to exercise, seniors, pre-and post-natal women, and those requiring fitness rehabilitation. Arber believes that physical conditioning is important to everyone, no matter their age of physical stamina. He enjoys the challenge of helping his clients attain their personal goals.

Understanding, having personally overcoming the feeling of being out of shape and not liking the reflection in the mirror, Arber success lies in the structure of his sessions. A strong emphasis on sensitivity to each individual's feelings and personal needs, together with his knowledge of healthy nutrition and fitness regimens, give him the uncanny ability to motivate his clients, the key to an exceptional trainer.






Core Conditioning


Healthy Eating / Nutrition


Weight And Strength Training

Weight Loss

adult child and teen
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  • Nafee A. August 19, 2010

    "I worked with Arber intensely for about 7 weeks during the summer of 2006, and then again later that fall. I definitely saw results and Arber took no prisoners in his work outs -- but he varied the work outs so I wasnt bored or worn out. And he could always tell if I ate bread or cheese. This guy knows his stuff. I´ve recommended him to friends and family and they all have been pleased. He´s super supportive and helps you laugh through the workout pain. "

  • Cammy C. August 15, 2010

    "I truly think that Arber was interested in my well being more than I was!!! And that's a compliment. Always helpful and encouraging, it was a joy to have Arber as my personal trainer--NO NONSENSE, HONEST, RESPECTFUL and GETS THE JOB DONE.

    I would give five stars, but unfortunately, I don't have him astmy fitness disposal 24/7. that's the only disadvantage.

    If you need help uncovering the better body inside--Arber is the MAN."

  • Carla B. August 3, 2010

    "What can I say about Arber? He is fantastic! I've trained with others, but Arber really knows his stuff.

    From the initial consultation through training, Arber constantly strives to make his client "BETTER". He asks what their goal is, to loose weight, strength train or simply become more fit and tailors a program to fit that need.

    My goal was to loose wieght and become more tone. Arber developed a program that included cardio and weight training as well as provided me with information about nutrition. During our sessions, Arber took the time to not only explain new moves to me, but demonstrated them as well. He made sure that I was fully challenged and didn't listen to my whining...smile.

    For anyone looking for a trainer that has walked the walk, I highly recommend Arber. "

  • Meenakshi G. July 30, 2010

    "Arber is simply the best. He trained me (strength and toning) for three years. It was a great way to start my day and I felt healthy and good about my self. He is such a great motivator and adjusts to individual"s styles and personalities. He knew how hard to push me and encouraged me along the way. You feel like a star in Arber's world. He is so professional, has a great sense of humor and a wonderful personality. One summer i developed a tennis elbow doing some chores at home, and discussed it with Arber. He knew exactly how to work around it so as not to aggravate the injury and target the other muscle groups that can help and assist the whole zone to strengthen and heal. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to integrate different requirements into a workout. If i had not moved away from that neighborhood i would still be with him. He is exceptional. "

  • Shanna G. July 29, 2010

    "Arber Deda is very knowledgeable and experienced fitness instructor. He is aware of the elements of total body fitness and the benefits of living a healthy life. He motivates his clients to achieve their goals by pushing them to their highest potential. Mr. Deda also exhibits a level of patience and allows clients with barriers to develop at their own pace. I have trained with Mr. Deda for over two years and would not consider going anywhere else. "

  • PLATO S. July 28, 2010


  • Frankco H. July 27, 2010

    "When it comes to 21st century health specailist, there aren't many that can compare to Aber Deda. His unique ability to cater to each individuals weight regimen and dietary needs in impecible. Not only is he concerend for the physical aspects of his clients lives, he also speaks to their minds and spirits. I find Aber to be extremely theraputic to his approach to strength training. He is truly the best in the business!!!!!!!!"

  • TERRY Z. July 27, 2010

    "I have trained with arber. He is a very dedicated and committed trainer. One can look foward to the results they seek when training with him. Your time and money will be well spent. He is very knowledgeable in his areas of expertise and is constantly upgrading. Keeping up with recent changes and trends in health and fitness. As a client you're continually benefiting from his persuit of excellence. Over the years I've trained with trainers who were perfectly content with giving me more chit-chat than relief from fat (smile). Arber is humble, down to earth and very likeable. He has a great sense of humor but he is very focused on you and meeting your health and fitness needs. So don't expect workout time to be chit-chat time. but do expect it to be fun and rewarding with a lot of sweat mixed in.


  • Natasha S. July 26, 2010

    "Arber is truly is in his element & it shows through. He has passion & he is dedicated to his clients. He finds innovative ways to achieve the goals that is set by both client & Arber. He is truly a master of his domain. I've personally trained with Arber for yrs. He has taken me to a level that I thought I could never acheive & probably couldn't with out the help of Arber. At any time I can always call him to ask questions. Never to busy to make time for his clients."

  • David R. July 26, 2010

    "Arber, is indeed one of nyc premier trainers. Although I was in good shape for most of my life, arber snached my bofy and re-sculped it to look not only muscular but indeed very lean and cut.
    My only issue is that I have problems, real problems with the ladys. I'm very sorry to disappoint them but I'm just very busy...sorry!"

  • Brenda C. July 26, 2010

    "Arber is a fantastic weight training instructor who values his work which is something I like very much. He's professional, resourceful and focuses on achieving your goals. I like the results that I personally achieved and the results I've seen on other members. Kudos Arber -- I have no complaints."

  • Joseph W. July 26, 2010

    "I have been training with Arber for years now. My wife started before me and when I saw the results of her efforts I decided to try a series of sessions for myself. I'm 33 lbs lighter; my waist and hip measurements are down 4 inches, my arms and legs are 2 inches bigger. Additionally, Arber has created a core program to focus on my Golf swing. Although I have trained for many years on my own the expertise and motivation that Arber brings to the table make all the difference in the world.

    Joe W.
    Brooklyn, NY"

  • Michele W. July 26, 2010

    "Arber has been my personal trainer for approximately six years. His expertise in weight training and diet have changed my life completely for the better. I rely on Arber to guide me through every aspect of better health, attitude, lifestyle changes and physical self-confidence. Arber is also a very caring person who is always there for me when I need emotional reinforcement to accomplish my workout goals. Michele Wachtel"

  • Chip G. July 26, 2010

    "I have been working with Arber for 2 years now, after a lifetime of having never worked out consistently. Arber always motivates and challenges me, and keeps careful track of my progress, continuing to make adjustments and changes to our routine as necessary. He is always looking for new ways to achieve results, and keeps the pace brisk and stimulating. He has an upbeat personality, and devotes all of his attention to making sure the workouts are safe and rewarding. I unreservedly recommend Arber to anyone looking for a personal trainer. "

  • Dawn Marie G. July 25, 2010

    "Can't believe it has been over 3 years consistently training with Arber. He is very much a welcomed part of my weekly routine - even at 6:30 in the morning. I feel better, am physically stronger and noticing the changes not only in my body, but in my energy level and mental attitude. Arber personalizes my workout sessions and changes them up so that I see and feel the difference. It's never boring, always challenging, but his support, guidance and coaching gets me to the end of the workout when I normally would want to quit. Arber has made a difference in my life, let him make a difference in yours"

  • Carol P. July 25, 2010

    "Arber Deda has been my personal trainer for nearly a decade.
    He consistently maintains a professional, positive attitude and never deviates from his commitment to deliver positive results. His coaching and strength training techniques are always current due to the ongoing educational courses he attends and completes successfully.
    Arber evaluates each client as an individual and implements a training program specifically designed for his or her profile. (To include strength training, cardio and nutrition)
    His motto: “one package does NOT fit all”.
    Arber’s in depth knowledge of the trade , passion for all clients to exceed their goals , and his relentless motivational skills have been the key drivers to his success.(and mine) Thanks to Arber my results have been amazing.
    Additionally Arber goes above and beyond by organizing cardio sessions (on his personal time) where he will take part as a participant, coach and mentor. It is an initiative that separates him from his peers.
    PS: Also thanks to Arber, my boyfriend went from before to after “to die for” (Arber has the pictures of proof).
    With deep appreciation and gratitude,
    Carol & Mike
    July 25, 2010

  • Lucrecia P. July 25, 2010

    "Arber has been my trainer for 5 yrs. He is the best. He knows what areas to target to help you lose weight. He is ALWAYS conerned about what works best for his clients. He is not only a trainer but a "brother" to me. I can be honest about what I eat and even inform him when I "cheat". He informs his clients that training with him is a partnership. As a trainee I MUST do my part and as a trainer Arber truly motivates and gives you the best results. His regiment not only keeps you in the gym but it keeps you aware of what is best for your body when you're not training with him. Arber also helps construct a menu that will help his clients.

    I would recommend Arber to anyone who is interested in a healthy and stable regiment for their body. Everytime I train with Arber he has a new routine or something "different" to challenge your inner strength."

  • John E. July 25, 2010

    "I am a former college basketball player who had trouble finding the motivation to work out and stay in shape once I stopped playing competitive basketball. Aber helped me re-discover my motivation by showing me that working out can be fun and useful even if it is not being done for a sport. His workouts aside from being extremely intense are fun and as a result, I look forward to going to every session. I highly recommend Arber! Arber’s knowledge about physical fitness, his innovative workouts and his genuine care for his clients truly set him apart from anyone else in the industry."

  • Richard P. July 25, 2010

    "I have known Arber for the past 8 years being a member at Gold's Gym where Arber is a personal trainer. Having observed Arber training other people at the gym I wanted to take advantage of his services, and I'm glad I did. I signed on with Arber back in January 2010 and have been working with him ever since. Being extremely focused on proper form, Arber has given me a full body weight and strength training program that has given me excellent results. I feel stronger, more energenic and certainly challanged. Arber will give you a workout program that best fits your needs. I highly recommend him."

  • Bob N. July 25, 2010

    "Arber has been my trainer for several years. His workouts are consistently varied and enjoyable. Even though I am in my sixties, I am now more fit than I have ever been in my life. Arber is a caring person and i always look forward to my training sessions with him.

    Bob N."

  • Bill C. July 25, 2010

    "I have trained with Arber for a number of years. He is always upbeat and creative in his approach to training and stretching. A few years ago I had hip repalcement surgery and Arber was instrumental in helping strenghten my hip, hanstings, guads and my core to help me recover and keep everything in balance. It will be clear to you, once you meet Arber, that he is dedicated and loves what he does as a trainer. In addition, Arber knows a great deal about nutrition and eating as clean as possible which is of great help when training.

    He is top notch!!!"

  • Kathy M. July 24, 2010

    "First let me say that Mr. Deda is one of the most upstanding men that I have met in a long time. His excellence in his weekly workouts, weight-loss counseling, core conditioning and healthy eating and nutrition habits have taken me to such a higher level! He takes the time to actually print out exercise workouts for me when he knows he will be out of town not to mention wonderful food menus when he knows that I have to fit in a perfect dress!!! I would highly recommend Arber to anyone. He shows patience when it's the most necessary thing anyone needs in succeeding to achieve anything in their lives. Old, young, repairing, achieving...that seems to cover everyone that Arber can help!"

  • Martha C. July 24, 2010

    "I selected Arber as my Personal Trainer because I noticed that he was careful and precise in assisting his trainees to learn weight-training and other exercises. He pays attention! I have been training with him for several years now, and another excellent thing that Arber does is vary your program every few weeks so that neither of you gets bored. Every program uses all of the muscle groups. I highly recommend Arber. (And he has a very pleasant personality as well.) "

  • John A. July 24, 2010

    "While working with Arber he has transformed not only the way I look but my entire lifestyle. His patience and persistence has allowed me to become the athlete I am today and I am very grateful. His endless dedication to his training is something you don't see in other trainers so I am very lucky to work with Arber. I highly recommend him for any age who is looking to improve their health and fitness. "