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April Houston

April Houston

Lufkin, TX

" Master Life Coach & Motivational Speaker"

Services: Career Advising, Couples Therapy, Family Coaching, Life Coaching, Marital Counseling, Overcoming Depression

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I am very passionate about being a Life Coach and helping others live their life with a purpose!!

Don't just exist, LIVE! Time is precious so we must make every moment count! I'll guide you along the journey of life & help make it more purposeful, eventful, & less stressful. I will provide the best information on understanding your true purpose. Together we will get there!

There are three levels to having a fulfilled life: 1.Survival, 2.Success, & 3.Significance. Discover which level you are on. During your journey you will discover your passion & your purpose. Each level will reveal insight of who you really are & lead you onto the next. Once you've reached the ultimate goal of Significance, you are on your way to experiencing an AMAZING lifestyle! Are you ready? LET'S GO!!

Career Advising

Couples Therapy

Family Coaching

Life Coaching

Marital Counseling

Overcoming Depression

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  • Keri W. May 6, 2013

    "When I started working with April I didn't fully understand what coaching was, but I felt energized after talking with her. In my search to find a fulfilling career, April was the champion who helped me realize my beliefs, values, and vision, and challenged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. While I did not change careers, I learned to appreciate the wonderful things my current career has provided me. More importantly, she helped to reinvigorate my self confidence and awareness that I have the ability to shape the outcome."

  • Amy B. May 6, 2013

    "Since I began coaching sessions with April I have identified my life's work and learned to balance the most important areas of my life, my spiritual journey, my family, my friends and my career. This has completely changed my outlook on life and I am happier than I ever could have imagined. I have been inspired. April assisted me in setting intentions for my life based on my life's wishes and in roughly six months, I had every wish come true to some degree. The best part is that I feel that we are working together, in collaboration and in doing so we are able to celebrate and honor each other. It is clear April revels in the successes of those she coaches and she is genuinely happy for each accomplishment that I have made. I have never seen anyone shine as much as April does when others succeed."

  • Ida J. May 6, 2013

    "April Houston has changed my perspective in life. She transformed my negative views into positive ones. I'm glad I decided to get a Life Coach. I suggest everyone get, not just a Life Coach, but April Houston as their Life Coach."

  • Don W. January 15, 2013

    "I have yet to meet anyone successful in any area of life that didn't have a coach or mentor right there beside them encouraging them and doing what was necessary to make that person achieve more than they thought they could. Only the wise and successful know they need coaches, the rest, well, just remain the rest. "

  • Vikki L. November 28, 2012

    "I'm a mom, wife, & lawyer & I called her because I was getting overwhelmed. I needed a new perspective on things as well as help on balancing out my crazy world. Not only is she the Master Coach, but she's the Perfect Coach! She helped me out immensely. "

  • Kendra H. November 24, 2012

    "So grateful for her because she is real. She doesn't sugar-coat the truth, she tells it like it is. My husband & I were going through some major issues, with out her breaking down the truth, I would be divorced right now. It's good to have someone help you see the real you. Now we are working towards a better marriage. All I can say is, if you don't know what to do and you feel all hope is gone, call her. She will give you some real direction."

  • Kenneth C. November 13, 2012

    "She's the best. My life has changed immensely because of her consistency. She pushes greater out of you."

  • Ashley H. October 27, 2012

    "April Houston is an Awesome life coach. How do describe a woman that has helped me in almost every aspect of my life. Walked me thru relationships, helped me push for an higher education and always has implemented that spiritual guidendce I needed. She is the best life Coach, I couldn't have asked for anyone else to walk me thru the things she has already done and is still doing for me. If your in need of some sort of Life steering, she will DRIVE u down the right path."

  • Shawn H. October 27, 2012

    "Thanks to April Houston, I'm heading in a new and better career direction. A career and not a job is what I have and I am so satisfied with my decision. Thank you for getting me on the right track!"

  • Stacy L. October 25, 2012

    "All I can say is that you need this lady. She is a great coach. When I didn't want to go further, she stayed with me through it all and helped me get over it."

  • dee S. October 24, 2012

    "Thanks for helping me truly understand how to make the best out of my life even when things dont turn out the way I always thought it would. Your coaching helped me realize MY LIFE IS WONDERFUL with or without! May God continue pouring his blessing upon you!"

  • Elizabeth D. October 24, 2012

    "I stopped teaching because I wasn't happy. She helped me find my true passion & gave me the motivation I needed to begin again. Now I'm opening my own business... Mentors for Troubled Adolescents! "

  • Elizabeth D. October 24, 2012

    "It was life changing and eye opening. Never knew I was missing in some areas. She really knows how to make you be real with yourself."

  • Ashley F. October 23, 2012

    "I was stuck & didn't know where my life was headed. My life is more meaningful now that I have some clear direction. Thanks Coach Houston"