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Anita Strittmatter

Anita Strittmatter

Cockeysville, MD

" Tried everything to get relief from chronic pain?"

Services: Yoga

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When you have chronic pain you will try anything to get rid of it. We research, take recommendations, & hope for the best. Often we do find relief, albeit temporary, not as complete as we'd like, or we have to depend on someone else to provide it for us... which isn't always convenient!

My life's passion is health of the whole body. It began with a degree in Kinesiology where I studied the mechanics of the body. From there, my studies turned to alternative healing- where I am still learning the infinite inner workings of not only the body but the mind. This brought me to Svaroopa Yoga- what I have come to refer to now as the game changer.

Svaroopa effectively releases tension in the core of your being- your spine. When you access the core you access the root of the issue instead of place a band aid on it. It provides true & amazing relief. It helps people access their true self again. This is what Svaroopa Yoga has done for me & this is what I will share with you.



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  • Chuck D. July 25, 2011

    "I have been in severe pain for many years because of a traumatic injury I suffered when I was younger. Tried many things: multiple operations, physical therapy, strengthening and conditioning. Nothing worked very well for very long.
    By accident, I met Anita, who told me about Svaroopa Yoga and how it differed, perhaps, from my idea of yoga.
    All I can say is I feel very blessed that I met this dear, sweet woman. She has helped me relieve 90% of the pain that I have been in for over half my life.
    Try a couple of sessions of Svaroopa Yoga with Anita. It won't hurt and it me even change your life for the better!"