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Andrea Arikian

Andrea Arikian

Brooklyn, NY

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Services: Beadwork, Writing

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I am a New York City high school English teacher, although I have a varied professional history. I became a literacy specialist because of an interest in literacy problems that my son had as he was going through school. My research into the issues he was struggling with, and my difficulty in getting him any meaningful help through the Board of Education, made me determined to help the children of others who might have similar issues. Before becoming certified as a literacy specialist I had worked for about 7 years as a paralegal in personal injury law. Seeing how the law functioned, from the inside out, so to speak, made me realize the importance and power of language, especially its ability to become "either sword or shield" depending on the hand that wields it. Before my time in law I had worked in publishing for some years, more in the production of medical and scientific books and journals than in the editorial end of it, but copy-editing and proof-reading gave me great skill in attention to detail and focus control. All of these previous experiences have been of great benefit in developing my skills as a teacher of non-fiction communication, both reading and writing. I am happy now to be able to help others improve their skills in these essential areas.



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