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Amber Sutherland

Amber Sutherland

Austin, TX

" Personal/Group Fitness Trainer & Volleyball Coach"

Services: Volleyball, Weight And Strength Training

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Former Division 1 athlete with over 10 years experience playing volleyball, and helping others with their fitness and/or athletic goals. My aspiration in life is to positively contribute to people's health and overall well being both on and off the court. If you are in need of a volleyball coach and/or fitness trainer who will challenge you, help you the get results you want, and have fun all at once, then stop wasting anymore time. I look forward to meeting you.

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Weight And Strength Training

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  • Nicki K. November 20, 2012

    "I started training with Amber Sutherland in the summer of 2011. This girl is Awesome! She was able to keep me interested and somehow kick my butt at the same time! Our sessions three times a week were something I would always look forward to because every day she would come in with something new, I never knew I would love kettle bells as much as I do! Not only would she teach me and work my body to the limits, she knew exactly how all the exercises worked because she would be doing them with me side by side, which pushed me even harder just to keep up with her! If Amber still lived in Las Vegas I would be paying her more just to ensure I was being trained by her!

    Nicki King
    Las Vegas Resident
    High School Volleyball Coach

  • Vance W. September 20, 2011

    "The nutrition information given to me helped alot. Foods I thought were great, weren't. If I didn't get the advice (from Amber) I don't think the weight would have come off so easily..."

    I have recommended Inspirations Personal Training to others and a few calls may come your way as a result of my recommendations...I wish I could rate more positive qualities on Ambers performance and professionalism.

    I can't thank you enough for putting me on my way to looking better and also feeling so much better both in health and confidence... being that I do have a prothesis in the shoulder Amber was able to take the time in making sure my fitness goals were modified and strength gains were met. Once again Thank you so much for giving me that extra push in the right direction.


  • Jovan T. September 19, 2011

    "Amber is the best trainer that I have ever had! I am currently in the military and I was having problems passing my PT test. I started training with Amber 5 days a week and we did a series of strength training, and cardio conditioning. I raised my PT score from 75.1 to an 88.6! I lost 4 inches off my waist and maxed out on my push ups and situps! Not only did she help boost my self esteem and confidence, she provided me with helpful tools to maintain and keep my weight down in preparation for the next test in 6 months. She is a great motivator as i have been able to keep up my regiment while doing most of the progress training online! Amber really makes you step up and push thru the boundaries that you thought you once had! I give her 5 stars! "

  • Taryn P. April 6, 2011

    "Amber Sutherland is the BEST coach anyone could ask for. Thanks to her I am currently playing volleyball at Fort Lewis College. I don't know what I would have done without her positive attitude, knowledge, determination and kindness. Amber can connect with her players because she has so much experience, which really helped me a lot. I have never had such a fun season, than with Amber as my coach because she knows millions of different fun drills. Throughout the summer she gave me private lessons which were extremely helpful. I learned more from Amber in one hour, than I had learned in an entire season from other coaches. Amber puts her whole heart into everything she does and is an amazing coach!"

  • Kiley S. March 20, 2011

    "I took private lessons with Amber all summer prior to my junior year and I learned more than I thought was even possible. I am a setter, and even though she has never been one, the things I learned turned me into the player I am today. Honestly, there is no better way to learn skills than to learn them from Amber! She is patient and kind, but she pushes you just hard enough to realize your improvement. I have also been coached by her in my school season, I have never had a better coach in my life, and I have never connected more with a coach either. I'm going on to play ball in college and I know its because of AMBER SUTHERLAND. You can't go wrong, take lessons now!"

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