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Allison Evans

Allison Evans

Oak Park, IL

" Voice Studios of Allison Rozsa Evans"

Services: Voice Teacher / Vocal Coach

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Allison Rozsa Evans, a singer of sacred, opera, chamber, arts song, and more, currently lives in Chicago as a performer and private voice teacher.

Born in Cleveland, Ms. Evans earned a Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy from the Boston Conservatory, as well as a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. There, she has had the privilege of studying voice under Monique Phinney, performing in multiple solo and studio recitals, operas, as well as sing for Master Teacher Christine Brewer.

Currently, as a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Ms. Evans lives in Chicago, Illinois where she teaches private voice lessons to students of all styles, ages and skill levels. Having specialized in the development of young and budding professional voices, she lectured on “The Technical Purposes in Repertoire Choices for the Developing Singer” in during her Masters of Vocal Pedagogy recital.

Ms Evans has also been the choir director at the Greek Evangelical Church of Boston.

Voice Teacher / Vocal Coach

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  • Allison L. September 19, 2012

    "I have to be honest...I’ve had a few vocal teachers, not knocking the previous ones (they were good) but Allison was by far the best. I trained under Allison for two plus years? It was a bit. She actually taught me how to read music and encouraged learning to play an instrument for singers as a way to improve ability.
    Most of all, she actually taught me how to sing.....

    Singing as it turns out is more about support, muscle development and breathing than about range and power although that is important too. Before her, I had serious problems with pitch and tonality . Allison is adept at assessing your problem areas as a vocalist and fixing them. She’ll make you work but she will totally develop your voice.

    It’s rare to meet a coach who is both professional and with great personality and she is both. If I said everything about her that I could say this review would be the length of an essay.

    The most important lesson I learned from her is that great signing takes TIME to develop. Be patient with yourself. That’s essential in a day of instant singing sensations, auto tune and studio magic.

  • Beth K. September 5, 2012

    "Allison Evans is a five-star teacher. She not only understands every aspect of singing, but also she is an excellent teacher of voice. She can find your strengths, diagnose your opportunities for improvement, and personalize the course of instruction to ensure success.


  • Adam G. July 18, 2011

    "I've been with Allison for over a year now, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving his/her voice.

    As a low baritone and a male, I was a bit apprehensive to having a teacher whose voice was so different from mine. These fears were quickly put to rest, and it would be no stretch to say that Allison understands my voice much better than my previous male instructors.

    I've had some bad experiences with teachers who, in retrospect, were not as knowledgeable as one would hope. I realize how backward the instruction was, now that I can compare it to my lessons with Allison. During my relatively short time with her, I've reached a level of confidence and skill with my voice that I've never felt before.

    In addition to being a highly skilled singer and teacher, Allison is friendly, professional, and organized. She tailors her lessons for each student, helping me, for example, to incorporate my guitar into our lessons and to work on Beatles tunes and other bands that I listen to. These are all qualities you might take for granted, until you experience a teacher who is not professional or not invested in you.

    To summarize, with Allison you can be sure you are getting quality instruction from a true expert what wants you to succeed.


  • Marty S. June 27, 2011

    "I have been training with Allison for 2 years now, and she is a wonderful voice teacher! I grew up singing but never had private lessons or achieved the strength or range that I wanted. I remember leaving my trial lesson with Allison feeling like I was really hearing my voice for the first time in ages :)

    I highly recommend her as a teacher because she gets to know you and teaches you in a very tailored, individual way. She is also very supportive and encourages her students to get out, perform, and use the skills she has taught. And she hosts an annual recital for all of her students to perform for their family and friends, which is a lot of fun.

    Definitely worthwhile for any age range or skill level!"