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Aaron Vyvial

Aaron Vyvial

Austin, TX

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Services: Kettlebell Training, Kung Fu

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Sifu Aaron (Moy 10 Tung) Vyvial is a direct Student of Master Moy Tung and also received instruction from Grandmaster Moy Yat through seminars, visits to the International Headquarters (NY Chinatown) and personal Kung Fu Life. The Austin academy is the 1st Moy Family school to have opened in Texas. Austin native Aaron Vyvial returned to Austin and opened his school in the summer of 2002 with Master Moy Tung's advice to "teach pure V.T. from the heart," and was given the honor of a kung fu family name, Moy 10 Tung by his Sifu. Sifu Vyvial started training when he moved to Richmond, Virginia at age 17, then moved to Los Angeles with his Sifu. There, he furthered his training as a live-in Disciple of Moy Tung, as well as an instructor at the Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy of Pasadena, CA. Before founding the Austin Academy, Sifu Vyvial graduated from the Moy Yat American Kung Fu Academy's Senior Instructor Program. Always a student himself, sifu Vyvial continues to train for Master Level as a member of the MY3 - Moy Tung's inner circle of "special students" - and a member of the International Moy Yat Family Association.

The Ving Tsun program at the Austin academy is conducted in the same traditional manner as other Moy Yat schools, including the Richmond school where Sifu Vyvial studied and Moy Yat headquarters in New York where Moy Tung studied. Sifu Vyvial is a proponent of the important proverb "Ving Tsun Chuen Jing Tung," which refers to the genuineness of the martial art, and reads "Ving Tsun Authentically Passing Down." In other words, passing down the Ving Tsun unchanged by one's own ideas. Thus, the kung fu is able to "flow" unchanged from Grandmaster Yip Man to Si Tai Gung Moy Yat, to Sigung Moy Tung, to Sifu Vyvial, and now from Sifu Vyvial to his students. Though Sifu Vyvial has studied other types of martial art (including other forms of Wing Chun), he has always relied upon and returned to the concepts and details of the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu system.

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