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Gordon Wilson

Gordon Wilson

Urbana, IL

" Welcome to my Site..."

Services: Improvisation (Music), Music Theory, Piano

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Improvisation (Music)

Music Theory


classical jazz
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  • Sheila K. March 25, 2011

    "Gordon Wilson's approach to teaching music~

    A good teacher will listen quietly (not easy for me) until you finish, not swoop down and point out your mistakes while you are playing.
    I believe in teachable moments, and guided practice through the learning process, not proctoring or criticizing.
    If you look at the processes above (in my Notes, "Wisdom from a Master Musician") and think, "I could never do all that on my own!" I still have openings in my schedule.
    I think you can see why individual instruction is preferable.
    I find you where you are and keep encouraging you to persevere.

    just Google Gordy Wilson, or
    go to www.keyboardstudio.com"

  • Sheila K. March 15, 2011

    "'hear' with your fingers

    the notes that you are about to play

    Wisdom from a Master Musician~
    Use your senses, fully~

    'feel' with your ears that which is the sound you desire

    'see' with your 'touch' as you move along the piano keys

    know that you are in the moment of the song of which you desire to play

    and play~heart and soul...

    just play~

    Wisdom from Betterist, Gordon Wilson"

  • Sheila K. February 7, 2011

    "A teacher with passion for music and for teaching is hard to find in purest form.
    Gordon Wilson meets this description~
    He meets his students with the same passion as he has for playing music,
    teaching to each student uniquely to be the musician they truly are.
    Being a student of Gordon Wilson is a lifetime experience for he truly is a Betterist,
    available to all who want to be 'Betterists'!"